4v4 Practice 4/27/22. Game Rules

Posted by Jeff Stiffler on Apr 27 2022 at 03:38AM PDT

Good morning, please check the 4v4 email that I sent out last night on tonight’s practice from 630 to 8 PM please, we are hoping to finish team organization so that we can start the competitive play and want to make sure we’ve got some good balanced teams. Hope to see everyone this evening evening, have a great day.

Good evening everyone,
hope everyone is doing well. Hoping the weather continues to cry out and warm up.

I would like to have as many players that are able to make it to 4v4 practice on Wednesday at 6:30p, that would be very helpful as we finalize the teams to start competitive play.
We are planning to hand out team shirts on Wednesday and would like to balance teams to try to balance them out.
We will then have a schedule ready for Sundays start.

Please Read over the Game Rules to help your player understand them better.

Games are played with the official FIFA rules. Exceptions are below.
Player registration: All rosters are final after the start of the first game. No team can have more than 7 players. A minimum of 3(4v4) field players per team on the field.
Field dimensions: 20 × 40 yards
No offsides!
No scoring from own half!
No goalkeepers!
Substitution: Anytime the ball goes out of bounds. A player needs to fully leave the field before a new player can enter the field. A free kick will be awarded for a wrong substitute.
Goal box:
The goal box, 15yrd wide by 5yrd surrounds the small nonplayable box directly in front of the goal..
There is no ball contact allowed within the small goal box directly in front of the goal, however, any player may pass through the goal box.
If a player from the defending team touches the ball inside of his own goal box, the offense team will be awarded a penalty kick. (Center Midfield Line)
If a player from the offense team touches the ball inside of the opponent’s goal box, the defending team will be awarded a goal kick. (Goalbox End line)
If the ball comes to rest in the goal box, a goal kick is awarded regardless of who touched the ball last.
Five yard rule: Defending players must keep 5 yards distance from the ball on all kick-ins, kick offs, free kicks and goal kicks.
Kick-ins: Instead of throw ins.
Indirect kicks: All free kicks, kick-ins and kick offs are indirect. Penalty kicks and corners are direct.
Fouls: Hand Balls, trips and any foul committed outside of the goalbox are a direct kick. If the foul is committed inside of the goalbox, it will be a penalty kick at the center mid line.
Goal kicks: Taken from any point from the Goalbox end line.
Can be taken in any direction.
Penalty kicks:
It is a direct kick taken from the center of the midfield line with all players behind the mid­field line and the player taking the kick. This is a ‘dead­-ball’ kick.
Game duration:
Four 10 minutes halves. Two-minute break time. A team may add a player when the opposing team has a 6 goal lead.
All players must wear shin guards. All games are played with a #4 ball.
All teams must have all the same colored shirt during play.


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