New Website Sucks!

Sharon, Paul, this new website stinks. The schedule is “ok” whatever no biggie there. But are stats being uploaded anywhere? Not to mention…if a player in the league wants to view anything else besides the schedule (like stats) it’s making us all create a login. Then once we create a login we can’t do anything until we identify with a team. Well when I search “Teal” for example, nothing comes up. So if stats ARE being uploaded (which they should be somewhere – why else keep them each game) nobody in the A league is seeing them. Not everyone wants to create a profile and for those who do we have to try and find our team and apply to be a member of that team to see that teams info and stats. And our team’s aren’t even searchable as it stands right now. So basically it’s a waste. Can we just send out a weekly email to the team captains with stats and any other news on a weekly basis and captains can forward on to their specific teams? Sharon can you email me? (Justin Vance). I emailed Paul about this but he doesn’t respond to them. We can discuss more through email or give me a call 440-655-8621. Leaving this message on Thursday 11/7/19 3:30pm. Thanks

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