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The CDABA will hold elections for the 2019-2020 Executive Board at the annual meeting and pizza party for the general membership on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, in Central Dauphin High School.  The CDABA Bylaws alllow one vote per family in elections.  Members and volunteers, as defined in the bylaws, are encouraged to attend the meeting, which must have at least 25 eligible voters present for the elections to be held.

The nominees are Greg Cavoli for President, Shawn Stubbe for Vice-President, Duane Shearer for Secretary, and the following candidates for at-large positions:  Jon Anson, John Barrick, Mark Foster and Jeremy Frey.  All of these positions have one-year terms.  A Treasurer will not be elected this year because the position has a two-year term that begins and ends in even-numbered years.
Three additional at-large positions will become open as of June 1, 2019.  If any CDABA member would like to be a candidate for one of those positions or any other position on the board, please send a message expressing your interest to before 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 9, 2019, at which time nominations from the general membership will close.

The Central Dauphin Area Basketball Association is a registered non-profit organization devoted to providing a basketball program open to all students residing within the Central Dauphin School District boundaries who are Kindergarten thru 12th grade. PIAA officials are used for all 3rd-12th grade games.
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CDABA wishes good luck to all the coaches and players this season.  Here are a few reminders for the parents and spectators this season.
1. All spectators must sit on the opposite side of the gym from the team benches. The only people allowed on the bench side of the gym will be the 9 players on each team, 2 coaches from each team and the book keepers and scoreboard operator. We are trying to give the coaches and players a calmer atmosphere to play and learn the game.
2. Spectators are strictly forbidden from harassing or criticizing the referees during or after a game. Spectators should never go up to an official to challenge them in any way. Any spectator found violating these guidelines may be asked to leave the gym by either the referees or Game Manager.
3. Parents are expected to control their children who are in the gym as spectators. Children are not allowed to run around or bounce basketballs in the hallways. They should remain on the sidelines as spectators. They should not be crawling on top of or under neath the bleachers. All children, whether siblings of players or other children of coaches, need to remain on the spectator side throughout the games.
4. In addition, no one is allowed to bring any food or drink into the gyms, with the exception of drinks for players only.
5. If you are asked to be the book keeper or scoreboard operator by your teams coach, please remember you are an extension of the Referee crew. You must remain quiet while doing these jobs. No coaching, no yelling at referees, no yelling at players. If you think you are unable to meet these expectations, please let your coach know ahead of time.
6. We are guests in these schools. Please do not wander the hallways or open any doors.
7. The main doors to the schools can not be unlocked or propped open. A parent must be at the door for the 30 minutes before each game. Please help out your team by signing up to watch the door. Please follow any rules the Custodians give us. There are currently 11 teams without door watchers. Your team will lose practice time if no one is signed up.
CDABA is looking forward to another great year of basketball. If you have any questions or comments, please email the league at
Please remember that no food or drinks are allowed in any of the gyms we use. 
Players may only bring water to drink, no Gatorade.  
Reusable water bottles are the best so there is no trash left behind. 
CDABA Door Watching – Please Read
The Central Dauphin School District has made the safety and security of their schools their number 1 priority. We here at CDABA also feel very strongly about this. For those of you who don’t know, all CDSD buildings will have the doors shut and locked at all times. There will be no leaving doors unlocked or propping doors open at any school. CDABA will lose access to all our gym space if we are found to be propping doors open. Please pass this along to all people who may be taking your son/daughter to a practice or game. (Grandparents, friends, neighbors, etc)
Because of the priority put on this by the CDSD, CDABA will have the following rules this season:
All teams must provide a door watcher for all practices.  The TIMETOSIGNUP link for parents is at the top of this page.
If a team has no parent signed up to watch the door by 10am on the day of their practice, they will not practice that night.
CDABA will do inspections of schools and if no one is watching the door, all teams practicing at that time will lose practice rights.
Parents will receive $10 of their volunteer fee money back for 1 hour of door watching up to $20 total.
For games, both teams playing will be responsible for a door watcher for the 30 minutes prior to their game.
Also, all Head and Assistant coaches must have background checks done on them this season.  If we don’t have their information, they will not be allowed to help at practices or games.  If you plan on helping out this season, please have your State Police and Child Abuse clearances sent to the league via email. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the league at the address listed below.    

Questions:  email:   


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