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Junior Tournament Meeting

Posted by Kent Dodson at Apr 30, 2011 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Good Afternoon,

     as we are winding down the regular season we are planning the Junior Tournament. We will be having 2 tournaments this year as we have the last several years. The top 10 teams will be in what we will call Tournament A, and the second group (11-19) will be referred to as Tournament B.  It does not matter how well you did during the season, you can win the Tournament.  You have heard us before refer to the regular season as practice for the tournament. This is because, the regular season just creates the seeding for them. This is a Double Elimination Tournament

   We will have a Mandatory Manager AND Coach meeting Saturday May 14th 12 noon
       This will be similar to what we did before the start of the season. It will be held at
       1271 S. Talt ave. Anaheim Ca 92806.  We will do it as a BBQ and meet and greet.
        I will provide the Burgers and Dogs, please bring a Chair and something to drink.
        Expect to be there for 2 hours. We have no games scheduled that day on purpose

   Tournament will start Tuesday May 17 and the Finals will be Saturday June 4th
       as it stands now, we will not be playing the Memorial Day Weekend
       you will receive your schedule at the meeting.

thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the 14th

(with Kent and Chuck's Help)
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Authorization Stickers on Bats

Posted by Kent Dodson at Apr 7, 2011 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Questions have arisen regarding Authorization Stickers to be but on Bats to make them legal.  As stickers and post manufactured markings can be removed and applied to unauthorized bats or misapplied to an unauthorized bat, there are NO Authorized stickers or temporary markings that can be applied to a Bat that will make them legal to be used in Little League games.  In order for a bat to be legal to use in a Little League game, it must meet the specification in the rule book for size and material or must be on a list that Little League International releases indicating exceptions to the rule book.  Little League International has release a number of composite bats that have been tested and have met their specification to be used for 2011. If a team has bats in question, please have them carry a copy of the approved list with the team so that it can be shown when questioned.  To help expedite the verification process, it would be helpful to indicate the approved model on the list.  Please pass this information to all teams and umpires so that the information in District 30 is consistent and we are all using equipment approved by Little League Baseball.  This will be real important come tournament time, so that we do not have a lot of “Since When” comments.If there are additional questions, please contact Harvey Waldron or myself.Hope everyone is season is starting off well. 

Dayton J Adams

California District 30, Assistant UIC714) 305-5832  cell714) 771-2789  home
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2012 Junior Home Run Club

Posted by Kent Dodson at Mar 3, 2011 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Cesar Lopez (SE Canes) - 6
Branden Thompson (OL Dodgers) - 4
Juan Soto (NE Angels) - 4 (1GS)
Patrick Cachola (TE Crimson Tide) - 3
Nelson Guzman (SE Canes) - 3
Eduardo Lopez (NE Angels) - 3
Jonathan Mejia (NE Angels) - 3
Hector Garcia (NW Titans) - 3 
Spencer Solis (TE Gators) - 2
John Chambers (Valley Titans) - 2
Charlie Treanor (OR Wolverines) - 2
Adrian Reyna (SW Dodgers) - 2
Matthew Smith (OR Crimson Tide) - 2
Isaac Flores (SW Angels) - 1
Quinn Goodness (NE Giants) - 1
Julian Orozco (NE Giants) -1
Alec Castillo (OR Wolverines) - 1
Jacob Todd (OR Buckeyes) - 1
Jimmy Enderby (OR Wolverines) - 1
Gregg Dodd (OL Dodgers) - 1
Angel Ochoa (Valley Titans) - 1
Felix Cisneros (TE Gators) - 1
Billy Koch (TE Gators) - 1
Zeke Llamas (SW Angels) - 1
Leonel Garcia (SW Angels) - 1
Danny Gomez (NW Bulldogs) - 1
Malachi Ospina (NW Bulldogs) - 1
Jorge De La Cruz (Valley Titans) - 1
Jade Palacios (OL Dodgers) - 1
E. Dagher (AH Titans) - 1

1. Signed Code of Conduct 

2. Completed Roster Form

3. Digital Copy of pictures for roster

 These items need to be turned into Pat Massey before your first played game.  Please contact Pat Massey at 714 981 4247 or to make arrangements.  Any team without a completed and laminated roster will forfiet their game.  Any manager or coach without a signed code of conduct on file will NOT be allowed in the dugout for any game.

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2010 Junior All Star Tournament

Posted by Charles Kibby at Jun 24, 2010 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Congratulations to Tustin Eastern Little League in their win of the District 30 Junior All Star Tournament.  Good luck in the Section 5 All Star Tournament. image