Authorization Stickers on Bats

Posted by Kent Dodson on Apr 07 2011 at 05:00PM PDT in 2019 Junior Season
Questions have arisen regarding Authorization Stickers to be but on Bats to make them legal.  As stickers and post manufactured markings can be removed and applied to unauthorized bats or misapplied to an unauthorized bat, there are NO Authorized stickers or temporary markings that can be applied to a Bat that will make them legal to be used in Little League games.  In order for a bat to be legal to use in a Little League game, it must meet the specification in the rule book for size and material or must be on a list that Little League International releases indicating exceptions to the rule book.  Little League International has release a number of composite bats that have been tested and have met their specification to be used for 2011. If a team has bats in question, please have them carry a copy of the approved list with the team so that it can be shown when questioned.  To help expedite the verification process, it would be helpful to indicate the approved model on the list.  Please pass this information to all teams and umpires so that the information in District 30 is consistent and we are all using equipment approved by Little League Baseball.  This will be real important come tournament time, so that we do not have a lot of “Since When” comments.If there are additional questions, please contact Harvey Waldron or myself.Hope everyone is season is starting off well. 

Dayton J Adams

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