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Posted by Kenneth Klemm at Mar 1, 2000 3:47AM PST ( 0 Comments )
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Living the Dream

Posted by Kenneth Klemm at Mar 1, 2000 3:37AM PST ( 0 Comments )
When Dot Richardson hit the winning home run that delivered the Olympic Gold Medal for Women's Softball to the U.S. in Atlanta last year, she was instantly catapulted to national superstardom. However, 34-year-old Richardson is not only the "Babe Ruth of Women's Softball, " she is also an orthopedic surgeon and a much-sought-after inspirational speaker. This book tells Dot's fascinating life story. of photos.
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A Season of Comebacks

Posted by Kenneth Klemm at Mar 1, 2000 3:35AM PST ( 0 Comments )
From Parents' Choice®: Sisters Allie and Molly both play softball. Allie is a star pitcher, and Molly is jealous until she's asked to play catcher on her sister's team. Kathy Mackel's first novel is well-crafted and full of emotion. A good sports stories for girls.
The definitive instructional book on the fastest-growing women's sport in the country.
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Defensive Softball Drills

Posted by Kenneth Klemm at Mar 1, 2000 3:31AM PST ( 0 Comments )
Coach Jacquie Joseph presents 74 proven drills for learning and mastering skills at each position in fast-pitch softball, as well as tips for molding players into a finely tuned defensive unit. 93 illustrations.