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Posted by Michael Chiarito at Apr 9, 2013 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

 Little League player age & division information:    

Game days and times are subject to change......   

Baseball:  Mighty Mashers Baseball Ages 4 & 5 - Plays on Saturday Mornings

Rookies - Baseball Age 6 Plays on Monday and Saturday Mornings

Minors A - Baseball Age 7 Plays on Monday & Saturday Mornings / afternoons  

Placement requests are NOT accepted for players age 8 years old + as those teams are drafted for balance and parity

Minors 2A - Baseball Age 8 - Plays on Wednesday & Saturday Mornings / afternoons

Minors 3A - Baseball Age 9 Plays on Tuesday & Saturday Mornings / afternoons 

International - Baseball Age 10 and 11 Plays Wednesday & Saturday

Majors - Baseball Age 11 or 12 Plays on Tuesday & Saturdays

Intermediate 50/70 - Baseball Age 13 Plays any weeknight &  Saturdays

Seniors - Baseball Ages 14-16 Plays Monday thru Friday Evenings & Saturdays  

Softball:  Minors A - Softball Ages 5 & 6 Plays Tuesdays & Thursdays

Minors AA - Softball Ages 7 & 8 Plays Mondays and Saturday Mornings

Minors AAA - Softball Ages 9 & 10 Plays Mondays,Thursdays & Saturdays

Majors - Softball Ages 11 & 12 Plays Wednesday & Saturday

Seniors - Softball Ages 13 - 16 Plays Tuesdays & Thursdays  


Game days and times are subject to change......  


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Click for Team Schedules


Please sign up for our free rain out service

Instant messages will be sent via text or email directly to your cell phone.for changes /cancellations, know before you go to the field:

Monroe Woodbury Little League

Boys and girls baseball and softball


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Little League has created a new baseball division starting in the spring of 2013. The division is named the Intermediate Division, although it is also known as the 50/70 Division. This is because the dimensions of the field are a little different then what we normally see in Little League.

Little League fields have dimensions of 60 foot base paths with a 46 foot pitching distance. This is the field that players in our league age 12 and under use. The larger field for players 13 and older has 90 foot base paths with a 60 foot pitching distance. This is also the size field that Major League Baseball players use.

The new Intermediate Division uses a field with a 50 foot pitching distance and 70 foot base paths. Little League allows players ages 11-13 years old to be placed in this division. The only negative that came with this change from Little League was the fact that it came out after we started our registration for the spring season.

Some benefits associated with the new Intermediate Division include:
- The 50/70 format uses Junior League Baseball Rules for a more competitive level of play.
(leading off / picking off, pitchers holding runners on base, dropped third strike)
- Provides the incentive for players to stay mentally engaged and focused.
- Offers players a better transition to the 60/90 format currently being used in our modified and high school baseball programs.

Originally we stated that all 13 year old players in our league will be placed in the Intermediate Division. After receiving input from people around our league as well as other leagues in our county we will be making the following changes:

All 13 year old players (birthdates between 5/1/99 - 4/30/00) will be placed in the   Intermediate Division. 

All 12 year old players (birthdates between 5/1/00 – 4/30/01) will be placed in the Majors Division (50/70). This will provide the 13 year old players a “stepping stone” from the smaller 46/60 field to the larger 60/90 field that they will move to next year as 14 year olds.

Depending on the number of teams and number of 13 year olds that register this spring some 12 year olds (birthdates between 5/1/01 – 4/30/02) will be selected via draft to play in the Intermediate Division (50/70). The placement of an 12 year old in this division will be based solely on the evaluation score the player receives during the player evaluation as well as the selection by a team manager in this division.

Any 12 year old (birthdates between 5/1/01 – 4/30/02) that does not get drafted to the Intermediate Division will play in the Majors Division in 2014.

All 10 year olds players (birthdates between 5/1/02 – 4/30/03) will be placed in the Majors Division.

The new division format for the MWLL starting in 2013 will be as follows:

AAA Division – 9 year olds (5/1/03 – 4/30/04)
Majors Division – 10 year olds/undrafted 11 year olds (5/1/01 – 4/30/03)
Intermediate Division – drafted 11 year olds/all 12 year olds (5/1/00 – 4/30/02)
Senior Division – 13 – 16 year olds (5/1/99 – 4/30/97)
(International Division has been eliminated)

We would like to thank you for your understanding and patience as we are working very hard to make the 2014 spring season a great one for all of the players in our league. Please understand that these changes have been made with the best interest of all of the players in mind.

We understand that there may be some questions or concerns with the new division formats. You may email the league at any time at

Please remember that the registration deadline is 11/31/13 to guarantee a spot on a team. Register today and avoid a late fee. All players will be placed in the correct division based on their age.

Also, check out our winter training clinics that have begun. These clinics are for any player that was in the league in 2012 or that has registered for 2013. Take advantage of the low price and time we are giving for extra learning. The schedule and details can be found on our league website,

Thank you,

MWLL Board of Directors

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Player Evaluation Quick Guide

Each year we hold player evaluations (PE’s) for players ages 8/9 and above. The purpose of this mandatory assessment is to establish guidelines for drafting fair and balanced teams for competition, to ensure equitable player divisions or for players to be be considered for advanced placement.

No player will be placed onto a roster without having attended the evaluation. 


Things your child will need: Fielder's mitt only (please do not bring a catcher's mitt or first baseman's mitt) Baseball / Softball bat (if you do not have one we will provide it) Batting helmet (most players have their own helmets due to hygiene concerns and if you do not have one we will provide it) Wear sneakers, shorts or either baseball pants or sweatpants, T-shirt or sweatshirt (no cleats and no jewelry please)


All players will be evaluated for fundamental skills. The process is conducted by a group of MWLL Board of Directors, who will rate each player in the following skill areas, typically on a 1-5 rating scale. These ratings and rankings, along with your child’s prior seasons coaches' assessment, are used to help determine the most appropriate league placement for the player.

Running - Each player will demonstrate their speed by running approximately 60 or 90 feet (simulating a run from home to 1st base)

Batting - Each player will be given between 5 to 7 swings from either soft pitch, coach pitch or machine pitch to demonstrate their hitting abilities, They will be scored on ability to track the ball, make contact, power, confidence and overall mechanics

Fielding - Each player will be given a series of pop ups and ground balls that simulate live play. Evaluations will focus heavily on the player’s overall form in approaching the ball, glove work, balance, technique and overall execution. To be more precise this includes throwing accuracy, throwing mechanics, and release (how quickly they get in position to throw and get rid of the ball after fielding it)

Pitching - Each player will be given 3 to 5 pitches from the pitcher’s mound a distance equal to home plate. They will be scored on accuracy, velocity, overall pitchability of their mechanics and projectability.


Show up on-time and with your child’s age group Warm up / properly stretch prior to coming to your evaluation - Take your child to the batting cages to hit some balls, have a catch and comfortable with the sport Be positive and enthusiastic while listening well and following directions Dress the part - look like the superstar that you are! Get a good night’s sleep, Smile and most importantly HAVE FUN


We take the evaluation and rating process seriously.We maintain confidentiality of results and DO NOT post scores for public consumption. Under no circumstances is any MWLL board member, evaluator, or coach permitted to reveal the ratings or ranking of any individual player.

Please note: during the evaluation process we will block off all visual abilities for anyone to view your child’s evaluation. This is done to further strict confidentiality.

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Please read this section in its entirety.

Opening day / access to fields, is ultimately determined by each town, municipality, park commission and our school district.

The decision is based on overall field conditions and mother natures cooperation.

Our families, players and coaches all must realize that using a closed field is a violation of our agreement with the park commission, town, municipality or school district, and that use may result in our field permits being suspended or revoked. 

Please note: the League does not own any of the fields we play on and that we share their use with other locally permitted leagues (Soccer, Lacrosse, Pop Warner football, Orange County Football, Cross Country, School and Travel teams)

Permits for MWLL have been secured and we are grateful for their use.

If a field is closed, then it remains closed for both games and practice use until we receive notification that they have been re-opened.

This means that in inclement or potentially stormy weather, MWLL does not determine whether to call for “rain out” or allow games to be played.

It is always our intention to play all scheduled games, however this decision is often out of our control. (See rainout notifications the link below.) 


Field Rules - Safety - Protocol:

Field Use: With regards to using the baseball/softball fields, please keep in mind that each town, municipality, school (Monroe, Harriman, Woodbury, MW School District) all have different protocols and determining factors when deciding to allow our use of the fields.

1. No memeber shall use/access any fields out side of times/dates for which the Mwll has been granted permits. Teams are NEVER permitted to use the fields when they are deemed CLOSED

2. Identifying markers appear at the fields to show whether or not they are OPEN. These are reviewed below.

3. MWLL is not the only program utilizing the fields, various travel teams and recreational leagues have also obtained permits and use the very same fields.  Our MWLL permit is expected to allow for our access effective 4/2. Other leagues who have obtained permits may already be using the fields.

4. In the event of standing water on the field, we are not permitted to apply any quick drying agent or to push/broom the water off the infields.

5. All fields/parks are officially closed at dusk.

Mary Harriman Memorial Park: When any of the Mary Harriman fields (Field #1, #2 and VFW) are closed there will be a large yellow and black sign hung on the back stop that states “Fields are Closed”. If the fields are closed on either Friday/Saturday, they remain closed until Monday when they are re-evaluated by the parks Dept. and re-opened.

Smith Clove Park: At the top of the equipment shed located in front of the softball field, either a green or red light is shown. When red is shown, That field is closed. When green is shown, then that field is open. No member shall use/access fields out side of times/dates for which the Mwll has been granted permits or when it is closed.

Mombasha: Mombasha fields are closed when there is standing water on the field. The town locks the gate as indication that fields are closed. Do not climb over, or go around the gate to access the field if the gates are locked.

MW School District: Monroe Woodbury School district hangs a red or green flag on the pole located above the concession stand in the Athletic Complex. When the red flag is hung, ALL fields are closed. When green flag is hung, ALL fields are open. MW School District operates as “All Open” or “All Closed”. You can access information for the school fields at

Woodbury: Brickley, Dunderberg and Earl Reservoir fields do not use an indicator system. If there is any standing water/puddles on the field it is deemed unsafe for play and is Closed.

Safety Items:

1. All safety issues and injuries must be immediately reported to the league by sending an email to:

2. On deck swinging of bats and the use of a batting doughnut weight is strictly prohibited.

3. Only the head coach and two assistant coaches are permitted on the playing field or in the dugout during game play. Additional coaches who have an approved league back ground check can assist in facilitating practices.

4. One coach must be present in the dugout at all times during game play.

5. EVERY Coach must have submitted a completed volunteer back ground check form to the league that has been approved prior to participating in any game, being present in the dugout or helping to facilitate practices.

6. Players must remain in the dugout area while their team is at bat. There is no on deck swinging of bats or the use of batting doughnuts permitted. Players wandering around or standing behind the back stop during game play is strictly prohibited.

7. Players are not permitted to climb fencing in the dugout, on the back stop areas or around the field area at any time. Coaches must maintain control of their players on the field and in the dugout at all times.Un-sportsman like behavior is strictly prohibited.

8. Batters and base runners are required to have on a batting helmet at all times while on the field of play.

9. Catchers are required to wear shin guards, a helmet with a throat guard, a chest protector and protective “cup” during practices or game play. Coaches are NOT permitted to warm up pitchers at any time.

10. Arguing or questioning calls on a continuous basis with umpires is strictly prohibited. This type of behavior sets a poor example for the children and will result in disciplinary action. The head coach is the only person who can request a rule clarification from the Umpire.

Equipment protocol:

1. Both home and away coaches are responsible to return and secure all equipment after each game including: bases, umpire safety gear and AED units, portable pitchers mounds.

2. Field boxes and sheds must be locked and the dugout area must be cleaned of all debris after the completion of each game or practice. Please have players discard their beverage containers and clean up after themselves. There are garbage containers located at each field so please use them.

3. Please use caution when removing bases from the fields. The anchoring system will become unsecured from the ground or damaged by improperly removing the bases. Remember to install base plugs after removing the bases to prevent water and clay infiltration. Only managers and coaches are permitted to collect the equipment and properly secure it before leaving the field. Please "do not" ask your players to complete this task.

4. Any coach that finds a safety hazard, debris in the dug outs, equipment that has been left out on the field, a lock box or shed that has been left open is to report the incident to the league immediately by emailing: If there has been an incident both prior teams - the last scheduled teams on that field will be held responsible.

5. Violations of league policies, green book rules, sports code of conduct or the parental code of conduct will result in disciplinary action that may result in suspension from game play. Thank you for your understanding.


Sincerely, MWLL