Posted by Jeffrey Keller on Feb 24 2010 at 04:00PM PST






Donate to the Boulder Arrowhead Little League  

If you would like to donate:

Please send your check or money order payable to B.A.L.L.

please mail it to BALL PO BOX 21401, Billings, MT 59104

Umpire Volunteer - Parents or grandparents of a player (of any age) who are willing to volunteer as an umpire at Major level, the league will refund the $50 fundraising fee per child/per 3 games, regardless of what level your child plays. You will need to attend the leagues training sessions and umpire behind the plate 3 games during the season and post-season play.

Junior & Senior baseball players: if you are trying out for Legion, we still need to have you register and we will refund your costs if you make Legion. Send in your form and call Tim Stenson to let him know your plans at 651-5380. 




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