Posted by Jeff Stiffler on Feb 23 2023 at 06:58PM PST

Kinderkickers Soccer

We kick off our Spring Kinderkickers Season on Sunday 4/2/23 @ 1pm at St Patrick School Soccer Fields.
I am hoping the weather provides some sunshine and the ground dries out.
If you are able to show up about 30 minutes early, we can work to get shirts handed out and players checked in.
Each player will need a #3 Soccer Ball and Shin Guards which are mandatory to wear during soccer activities. You can get the socks with built in shin guards at Walmart and most sporting places. Cleats are not mandatory and are entirely up to parents.
This program is a start to soccer to allow your child to learn some basic skills and have fun.
This is my 20th year for this program in London. I have had many kids start in this program and play all the way through high school.
My goal has always been to provide a fun and learning experience and for many, this may be their first time in a somewhat organized program. At this age all the kids want to do is run and kick the ball around. We will have instructions; play games and we will work into playing soccer matches as the weeks go on. I will give the kids homework that parents can work with their players to help with their excitement.
I will ask if parents are available to please help out if you can, it will most certainly help keep things going smother.


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