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Men In Black: Limited Edition DVD

Posted by Kenneth Klemm at Sep 4, 2000 12:31PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
This limited edition DVD is loaded with special features. Click on the pictue at left for details. Release date is 9/5/00 - you can order it now!
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Britney Spears: Oops!...I Did It Again

Posted by Kenneth Klemm at May 11, 2000 10:47PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Britney Spears quickly became one of 1999's bestselling debut artists with her album "...Baby One More Time," which was recently certified for sales of 12 million copies. Wasting no time, she returns with "Oops!... I Did It Again." Preceded by its title single, the album also offers 11 more tracks that will surely please fans of its predecessor. Perhaps its biggest surprise is a nod to the Rolling Stones with a cover of their "(I Can't Get No Satisfaction." This burgeoning star is likely to see her success continue with her new release. On sale May 16...order now!
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How this Site is Organized

Posted by Kenneth Klemm at May 9, 2000 12:36AM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Here are descriptions of what all the sections of our website are about. Each section can be reached by clicking on the contents links on the left side of each page.
HomeHome This is our Welcome Page. Near the top is a bulletin box which displays a series of messages. Most of these messages announce what's new. You can freeze any message by moving your cursor over it. Clicking on some messages will take you to a relevant page. You must have Java enabled on your browser to see this box. If it doesn't work, try shutting down your browser and restarting it. If that doesn't work, you may need to clean out your browser's cache.
Also on this page is a brief weather blurb from the Weather Channel. Click on it for a complete forecast.
Near the bottom of the page is a listing of the next upcoming events scheduled from our Calendar. If you click on the blue compass icon you'll open a browser window taking you to an interactive map with driving directions from Mapquest at Yahoo.
Below that the results of the most recently played games sometimes appear.
At the bottom of most pages you'll find links to our Guestbook, Chat Room and Message Board. Any visitor can view and post a message in our Guestbook. The Message Board is for members only. Here members can start and participate in ongoing discussions. See Becoming a Member below for more information.
NewsNews Here you will find the latest News and Announcements from the Connecticut Bombers. Check there each time you visit our site so you don't miss anything.
CalendarCalendar This interactive calendar displays all League events (star icon), all scheduled games (softball icon), and birthdays of players (cake icon).
The calendar displays a month-at-a-glance, and allows you to move forwards and backwards in time to view any month/year.
Click on the date number of any day with stuff going on to see a detail page for that date. (In the future you will be able to click on links for interactive maps to event/game locations from these pages.)
SchedulesSchedules When you enter this area, first click on the Division you want.
Next you will see 3 tabs of information on the current season. (To see past seasons, pick one from the drop-down list near the top of the screen.)
The first tab shows the results from the last 5 games played and the next 5 games scheduled. Click on a game results line to see a game summary page for that game. Click on the blue compass icon next to a scheduled game to open an interactive map of the field location. The links below the table will take you to each team's home page.
The second tab shows the results of all games played during the selected season.
The third tab shows the complete division schedule for the selected season.
StandingsStandings When you enter this area, first click on the Division you want.
Next you will see 3 tabs of information on the current season. (To see past seasons, pick one from the drop-down list near the top of the screen.)
The first tab shows the rank, standing, and stats of each team in Bombers vs. Bombers competition. Click on a team's name to go to their home page.
The second tab shows the stats of our teams in inter-league games.
The third tab shows the overall stats for all games played.
The webmaster doesn't know what all the stats mean, so don't ask. If you know what they mean, click here to explain it to him.
TeamsTeams This is the gateway to home pages for all current and past Fall Ball teams since 2000. To see teams from past seasons, pick a season from the drop-down list near the top of the intro page.
To go to a team's home page, click on the team's name. Teams are grouped by division.
Each team has a complete mini-website. Here's what each team has available to it:
The Home Page has a team hit counter (number of visitors to site), space for a welcome message, and the next scheduled games/practices/events and the results of the last game are displayed.
The Team News Page can be used for news and announcements along with pictures, and the team can choose to have selected items with pictures display on their home page.
The Team Calendar displays the team's game and practice schedules, as well as other events. It functions just like our main calendar.
The Team Schedule displays team game schedules and results just like our main division schedules.
The Roster has space for a team picture and can display a list of coaching staff and players. Click on a coach or player's name to see a profile of that person. Coaches should have their e-mail addresses posted. Players can have their jersey number, playing positions, birth date, and a brief profile displayed. Their e-mail addresses can be posted with their parents' permission. Players' addresses and phone numbers will not display.
DivisionsDivisions This page displays a description of all the Fall Ball divisions that the Bombers offer.
FieldsFields This page lists all the fields we use at home and at inter-league games. The addresses of the fields are posted and, in some cases, driving directions are displayed. Click on the blue compass next to each field to open a browser window containing interactive maps and driving directions from Mapquest at Yahoo.
BoardBoard This is a list of all members of the Board of Directors and officers of CBSA, Inc. Click on their names to find their e-mail addresses.
AlbumsAlbums This is a menu of our Photo Albums. The webmaster may steal photos from team home pages. If you want to submit a photo with captions, mail to:
KAS Associates
P.O. Box 709
Brooklyn, CT 06234-0709
If you want your photo returned, include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
HandoutsHandouts This is a collection of web pages and downloadable files. Most files are in Word (.doc) or Portable Document Format (.pdf). You can download a free Word Reader for .doc files and a free Acrobat Reader for .pdf files. After you have these programs you can set up your browser to automatically display these files in a browser window. If you prefer to download files to your hard drive for later viewing, here's what you do:
In Microsoft Explorer, click on the file's link with your right mouse button and select "Save Target As" from the pop-up menu. A dialog box will open allowing you to save the file to a directory of your choice.
In Netscape follow the same procedure, selecting "Save Link As" from the pop-up menu.
LinksLinks Click on the big link to open our Links Page. Links to many useful sites are grouped by categories such as Links for Players, Links for Coaches, Links for Parents, etc.
SponsorsSponsors This is a listing of all our team sponsors (with links to their websites, when applicable).
Website InfoWebsite Info You're looking at this page now.
Bombers InfoBombers Info This area attempts to answer questions about how the Connecticut Bombers are organized, how things work, where to find more info, and such.
TournamentsTournaments Information about currently scheduled tournaments we are hosting.
Fund-RaisingFund-Raising Here you will find info about our current fund-raising activities.
Players OnlyPlayers Only This page is for Players Only. You'll find stuff like games, tips, advice, etc. Adults can visit too, just don't tell anybody. Content is updated frequently.
Members OnlyMembers Only Here you will find guidelines for adding information to this site (assistant webmasters, coaches, and helpers). Rules & Guidelines for posting to the Message Board and using Chat also appear here.
The first time you enter this page you will see a member sign-up form. If you already have a free eteamz account, click on the "click here" link. It is important to fill out this form completely, including your e-mail address. Players must have their parents' permission. After the webmaster verifies your e-mail address and you reply to the message he sends you, he may grant you membership to this site.
On subsequent visits, you may see a login form. If more than one member uses the same computer to visit this site (or you're visiting from a computer other than your usual one), you can use this form to identify yourself.
Online StoreOnline Store Shop 'til you drop! Visit all the online merchants via this page and the Bombers get a commission when you purchase. Some sites pay the Bombers per click when you simply visit their site. Help support our girls and visit here frequently.
AmazonAmazon Your gateway to, the best source for books, music, videos, games and more in the world! Always visit via this page to help support the Bombers when you purchase.
Admin This is where authorized persons click to enter the site administration area. League Staff, Team Coaches and/or Helpers can request access to update certain areas such as team home pages.
Guestbook Visitors from anywhere may post a message here for all to see. They can include an e-mail address and web link.
Message Board For members only. Staff and members may post questions or comments here and other members can reply to them. Continuous discussions can be held on topics such as rule interpretations, playing and coaching techniques, ethics, league administration, etc.
All we ask is that discussions and comments be kept positive and constructive...and clean. Concerning competition, members may cheer FOR a team but NEVER AGAINST a team. Violators will be banned.
Chat Room For members only. Chat live with other members of the CT Bombers website who are currently visiting.
All we ask is that discussions and comments be kept positive and constructive...and clean. Concerning competition, members may cheer FOR a team but NEVER AGAINST a team. Violators will be banned.
Future Stuff In the future we plan to have Umpire Scheduling, Mass E-Mail Communication, and other stuff.
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Becoming a Member

Posted by Kenneth Klemm at May 8, 2000 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
By becoming a member of this website, you will be able to add content to it. There are different levels of membership: Members can view "members only" areas, post messages in the Message Board, and particpate in Chat. Helpers can do all the above plus help coaches keep a particular team's pages updated. Coaches can do all the above plus manage their team's web pages. Assistant Webmasters can do all the above plus help manage multiple team sites and help manage general areas of this entire site. To become a member you must have an eteamz account. It's free! Click on "Members Only." In the form that appears you can click on a link to set up a new eteamz account if you don't have one (or if the name shown is not you). You need to pick a unique user name and provide your e-mail address, real name, and nickname. If you share an e-mail address with another eteamz member, you have a small problem -- this system will allow only one member per e-mail address. Here's the solution: get one of those free internet-based e-mail accounts. You can get one here at eteamz, just click here. Once you have an account you can type your user name and password to gain access to the Members Only and other such areas. On the first time you try to enter, the Webmaster will be notified that you want to become a member. He will send you an e-mail message to verify your e-mail address. After you reply to his message by e-mail, you may be granted membership. You will be notified by e-mail. When visiting again from the same computer you usually don't have to identify yourself unless you've deleted the cookies on your hard drive. If more than one person shares your computer and the name near the top of the page is not you, you can click the LOGOUT button, re-enter a members only page, and click the "Click Here" link next to "Already an eteamz member?" question. On the next page enter your username and passwork and click "Request Access." If you are a registered member of this site, the page you want will load.
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The Real Rules for Girls

Posted by Kenneth Klemm at Apr 30, 2000 6:04AM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Life sure would have been easier for us daughters if our moms--or someone, anyone!--had given us even a fraction of the advice contained in Mindy Morgenstern's hilarious, insightful new book, "The Real Rules for Girls." Covering topics such as romance, work ("no drama queens in the office"), social life ("being shy is no excuse"), and life tips ("stamp out your inner critic"), this book is determined to empower a new generation of young women. We asked Mindy to write an essay that proved once and for all that a little education is NOT a dangerous thing, and that what you don't know CAN hurt you. Just ask Juliet... Real Girl Advice for unReal Girls by Mindy Morgenstern As if I didn't have enough to do, what with book signings and talk shows, and finding the right hair goo for my frizzy curls, has asked me to consider a different twist on my upcoming book, "The Real Rules for Girls." They wondered what would have happened if some of the most famous women characters from the past had enjoyed the benefit of "The Real Rules." In spite of myself, and an unruly mane of hair, I was intrigued... So I got to thinking, if Juliet of "Romeo and Juliet" would only have read "The Real Rules for Girls" before her untimely tragedy, you can bet things would have turned out better. Had Juliet only ripped her lips away from Romeo's for one second, here's what she could have learned from me: There Is No Happily Ever After Not that I'm down on love, folks, it's just that I'm realistic. Love takes work! It takes great communication skills! This is totally off the top of my head, but if you, say, want to take a sleeping potion that lowers your heart rate to give the appearance of death, you might want to make sure your boyfriend totally understands the plan BEFORE you take the potion. You wouldn't want him to mistake you for really being dead and kill himself out of grief, only to have you wake soon after to see HIM dead. If only e-mail had been invented: TO: RomeoM@Veronalink FROM: JulietC@Veronalink RE: Faking death Dearest, Taking a sleeping potion to faketh deatheth. Don't doeth anything stupideth until I come to. Trust me. I love you. J Okay, so it wasn't perfect iambic pentameter, but you get the message. Don't you?! Then there's Cinderella--you know, the chick from the fairy tale. Few people know this, but Cindy had an early galley copy of "The Real Rules for Girls." The Brothers Grimm conveniently left this factoid out of their famous fairy tale, but the real skinny is, while Cindy was left behind to pick out lentils from the ashy fireplace while her mean stepmother and stepsisters went off to the prince's ball, she took a break from her chores, spotted the book sitting on the coffee table, and opened it to page 46 where she found this quote: "Just Go to the Damn Party." Coincidence? I think not! Our little Cinderella had everything going against her. Every reason not to go to the ball. Didn't have the right dress. Didn't have the Prada pumps. She only had a couple of mice and a pumpkin to speak of. All right, so she happened to have a fairy godmother, who totally dolled her up, and turned the white mice into horses and the pumpkin into a carriage--but that's beside the point. The fact is, the chick totally pulled herself up by her broomstick and just went to the damn party. Okay, so she was a total klutz and lost one of her shoes, but she got her prince in the end AND she was true to herself. Just think what would have happened if Cindy hadn't read the book. Tragedy averted, I tell you! So ladies, be prepared for life. Learn from the fabulous heroines that went before you. Pick up a copy of "The Real Rules for Girls." And find the right hair goo. Your life depends on it.