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About this Area

Posted by Kenneth Klemm at Dec 31, 1999 3:21AM PST ( 0 Comments )
This is the area where visitors can request special access levels to this site. This includes League and Team Assistant Webmasters. Instructions for adding information to this site will be listed here.
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Message Board

Posted by Kenneth Klemm at Dec 30, 1999 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
To use the Message Boards, click here or on the Message Board link at the left side of most pages. You can use the boards to view, post, and reply to messages. You can join a discussion on a topic or start a new one. Topics can be anything like rule interpretations, suggestions, this website, how the tournaments are going, or whatever you want. Just a few simple rules: No offensive language. Keep messages positive (its OK to cheer for a team or a player, but don't say anything negative about another team or player). Don't insult other members. Violators will be warned and/or banned. Their posts will be removed. Have fun!