<center>Jets Sign Added To The Fence</center>

Posted by Dave Rea on Nov 02 2003 at 04:00PM PST in 2018 Season

The Jets 2003 BYF Championship sign has been placed on the fence outside Edwin Steingass Field at Buckeye. It joins the sign for the Jags 2 Championships. Our goal? More Buckeye wins, more signs, we have plenty of fence space.

Pictured above are Head Coach Steve Watkins and Coach Mark Carrow along with the returning Varsity Jets players from last year who want to defend that title. Below are the returning Varsity Cheerleaders from last year's squad. They now become the team to beat as the season opens next weekend. Up first for the Jets will be the CCYF Vikings.

Way to go Jets, Buckeye Youth Football is proud of you!

Go Jets! Buckeye Pride! 



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