New Regional Club

Posted by mark heard on Feb 18 2008 at 04:00PM PST
Information Release


In the summer of 2007, several Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia soccer clubs, dissatisfied with the current situation, began discussions on how to improve the playing experience for their members. It quickly became apparent that the best way was to combine their resources into a single, region-wide club which would operate the competitive teams and assist each community with its recreational programs. Today we are happy to announce that the clubs have agreed in principle to this ambitious goal. A new regional alliance will begin operation in the summer of 2008. The clubs involved are:


·   Highlands Soccer Club (Abingdon)
·   Bristol Soccer Association
·   Sullivan County Soccer Association (SCOSA)
·   Elizabethan Soccer Association
·   Impact Nike NE


The organization will have the mission of developing the game of soccer in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. We believe that this can best be done by (1) changing the emphasis to individual player development, (2) consolidating the resources of the current soccer organizations, and (3) preserving existing clubs’ control of recreational programs.


A steering committee of representatives from each club has been given the task of creating the new alliance. Over the next few weeks, the steering committee, led by Declan Jogi, will form additional committees to work on specific tasks. As always, “the devil is in the details”, and the steering committee understands that meeting the needs of our diverse clubs and communities presents many challenges. Please be thinking about your strengths and how you can best contribute to this new endeavor.


Visit our temporary website, www.region-alliance.com, for more information. We will attempt to provide regular status updates.


Thank you.


The Regional Association Steering Committee


Matt Lavinder, Head Coach, Men’s Soccer, King College, and Director of Operations, Impact Nike NE
Gil Graham, President, Bristol Soccer Association
Greg Hopkins, President, Sullivan County Soccer Association
Ken Gough, President, Elizabethton Soccer Association
Chad Craft, Director of Competitive Program, Highlands Soccer Association
Declan Jogi, Director of Coaching & Player Development, Impact Nike NE
Michael Swan, Head Coach, Women’s Soccer, King College


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