2012 League Update

Posted by robert hopkins on Jun 19 2012 at 05:00PM PDT in Fall 2017
All team assignments have been finalized for Metro Conference League teams for the 2012 Season. Head Coaches for each League team have been provided with a team roster and instructed to contact their respective players/parents relative to team assignments and other team information such as tentative dates for parent's meetings. If you have not received notification from a League Coach by 30 June 12, please forward an e-mail to us at and specify your athlete's full name, community and grade level this fall. We will provide you with contact information for your assigned coaching staff and notify your athlete's Head Coach of your inquiry. Please note that rosters HAVE NOT been finalized for all Central and Western Conference teams. These rosters will be completed in the near future. If your athlete is a designated Western or Central Conference participant, please DO NOT FORWARD AN INQUIRY requesting assignment information. Inquiries should be directed to Organizers within your respective communities to address any roster questions. If your registration materials were submitted subsequent to the April registration deadline and you are currently on the RESERVE LIST, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US. We will not be able to provide you with any substantive information at this time. If and when a team assignment is confirmed and finalized, WE WILL NOTIFY YOU directly concerning the specifics and request any additional information we may need from you to complete the team assignment. If team placement is not achieved by 01 August 2012, all registration materials and fees will be returned to you. If you have not already done so, please review the FAQ's Section prominently displayed near the bottom of the League web site's homepage, Likewise, review the RULES & REGULATIONS. Many of the questions you may have will be addressed in one or both of these references. Your coaching staff is also available to field questions, but reviewing the said materials will provide you with all the information you will need prior to a parent's meeting. This allows your coaching staff to dedicate additional time to other pre-season responsibilities and continue preparations for the fast approaching season. The LEAGUE CALENDAR of EVENTS is also a good resource which is provided on the web site for your convenience and information. Please be mindful of the fact that the Calendar of Events is provided to assist with scheduling considerations and is based on tentative and/or approximate time frames for the 2012 season, and as such, is subject to minor change with or without prior notice. The health, safety and well being of our young athletes has been, and will continue to be, our top priority and one in which we continually strive to go "above and beyond" the recognized and accepted standards as they relate to youth sports participation, regardless of the individual sport. To this end, the League is proud to announce that we have partnered with a local sports medicine provider for the 2012 season. The end result being a Certified Athletic Trainer will be at all league sponsored events conducted at Valley Stadium for the duration of the season. The athletic trainers provide a comprehensive sports medicine service through an integrated multidisciplinary team of physical therapists, physicians, and other medical professionals focused on education, prevention, and appropriate injury care. The athletic trainer will provide immediate first aid, injury assessments, and recommendations for injury care and return-to-play considerations following an injury. Coupled with participant safety, quality instruction is an absolute necessity for any successful youth based athletic program. The League goes to great lengths to identify qualified, committed and responsible coaches. We are confident in the measures we have taken to insure that league participants receive quality instruction regarding safety aspects and fundamentals of the game. All League Coaches, unless already certified through the State of Iowa, were required to go through an application / interview process and attend formalized coaches training clinics predicated on proper football instruction. These clinics are similar, or identical to, the clinics attended by High School Coaches from around the state and geared toward the development and education of football coaches at all levels. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only youth football organization in the state that has mandated such training at the youth level. Please recognize the fact that all League Coaches are volunteers and that they already have, and will continue to, unselfishly devote a substantial amount of time and effort to ensure a quality athletic experience for your athlete. The League is extremely appreciative of their efforts and would hope that you will come to share these sentiments as well. We welcome any comments, suggestions or concerns you may have or that may arise during the upcoming season. We will do our best to effectively address any issues raised in a conscientious, timely and impartial manner. Please remember that coaches instruct and teach, while League Administrators develop, implement and enforce all League policies, rules, regulations and participation requirements. Monday, 13 August 2012, is the first day practice sessions of any kind may commence. Tentative Game Schedules and Scrimmage Schedules will be available in the near future. Practice schedules and locations are determined by Head Coaches and will be discussed with you at Parent Meetings. The first league sanctioned event will be the Annual League Scrimmages and Media Day, scheduled for 08-09 September 2012, at Valley Stadium. This will again be a league wide event with over 1800 participants representing nearly 100 teams from WDM and other participating communities. The format will be consistent with previous years and your coaching staffs will provide you with scrimmage dates and times, as well as photography information as we near the event date. The Scrimmage Schedule will also be posted on the league web site when available. Team Practice Jerseys are available for purchase again this year with individual team names identified. Unlike all other league equipment, practice jerseys are purchased and kept by the participant. The distribution process will be coordinated with coaching staffs in conjunction with equipment distribution. We are excited about the upcoming season and thank you for your interest and support of the League. We look forward to your participation this fall and will do our best to insure a satisfying and rewarding athletic experience for not only your athlete, but you as well. The season is just around the corner...we're looking forward to having you all involved!


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