Midget Director & Fundraiser positions OPEN

Posted by TONY YEE on Sep 14 2014 at 05:00PM PDT

After our last VMBA AGM Meeting we had executive positions left open (Fundraiser & Midget Director). ... If you wish to apply to fill the positions that are open please email your president Mary McCann at

 Position descriptions are as follows:


Fundraiser Coordinator.

[a] Works with board of directors in implementing existing fundraiser programs. [

b] Works with program director to develop new fundraising ideas.

[c] Collects or arranges for collection of funds during fundraising events.

[d] Coordinates in bringing in league sponsors.

Midget Director.

[a] Manages and supports the teams and players in this division.

[b] Works with the program director in development of this division.

[c] Conducts meetings with the team manager on matters pertaining to this division.

[d] Looks after all matters within this division subject to board approval.

[e] Works directly with the league registrar in regards to players in this division.

[f] Works with the league registrar in making up teams.

[g] Collects all coaching applications and forwards to Registrar.

[h] Shall be responsible for Administration or a divisional tournament during spring season in the a Midget Division if possible.




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