Membership Form & Agreement 2022

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Membership Form & Agreement 2022

The Baltimore Area Triathlon Club (BATC) is a USAT-registered Triathlon club based in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Our club offers guidance and support in the sport of Triathlon to individuals of all ages and abilities. Members should expect to receive regular emails about upcoming events such as group workouts, socials, free clinics, mock races, and race course previews. An invitation to the BATC members-only Facebook group will be sent shortly after sign-up. There you can post and communicate with other members.

You must be at least 18 years of age to become a member of BATC.

INSPIRE. MOTIVATE. EDUCATE. CONNECT. Please let us know how you can be involved.


Agreement, Waiver, and Release

By submitting this online form, I, the person named above, freely acknowledge, appreciate and realize the dangers and risks of participating in the various activities, including coached workouts, group bicycle rides and runs and other multisport training and racing events (“the Activities”) as may, from time to time, be promoted or organized by the Baltimore Area Triathlon Club (“BATC”) and fully assume all risks associated therewith including but not limited to personal injury, accidents, the negligence of other participants, sponsors, or promoters, and dangers arising from falls, vehicular traffic, hidden dangers, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, weather conditions, as well as the possibility of physical or mental trauma (or injury), and/or death. I understand that participants have been hospitalized and/or killed because of mishaps that are either their responsibility or others responsibility and I further agree that I will bear all expenses incurred arising out of such accidents and/or negligence of others. I realize that participating in the Activities requires physical and mental conditioning and I represent that I am in sound mind and physical condition, have not been advised against participation in the Activities by a health care provider, have adequate experience and am capable of participating without risk to myself or others. I understand and agree that a situation may arise which may be beyond the control of the sponsors, promoters or organizers. I WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE FOR MYSELF, MY HEIRS, EXECUTORS, ADMINISTRATORS, GUARDIANS, AND LEAGAL REPRESENTATIVES (INCLUDING SUCCESSORS), ANY AND ALL RIGHTS AND/OR CLAIMS WHICH I HAVE, MAY HAVE, OR WHICH MAY HEREAFTER ACCRUE TO ME AGAINST BATC AND ITS AGENTS, OFFICERS, VOLUNTEERS AND REPRESENTATIVES, THE OWNER OR LESSEE OF ANY SITE WHERE I WILL BE DURING THE ACTIVITIES, AND ALL OTHER INDIVIDUALS, PROMOTERS, SPONSORS, AND AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS AND THEIR RESPECTIVE AGENTS, SUPPORT PERSONNEL, VOLUNTEERS, REPRESENTATIVES, OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES FOR ANY DAMAGES, INJURIES OR CLAIMS WHICH MAY BE SUSTAINED BY ME DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY ARISING OUT OF MY PARTICIPATION IN THE ACTIVITIES WHETHER CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THOSE RELATED ABOVE OR OTHERWISE. My waiver and release of all claims, demands, actions and Liability shall include without Limitation, any injury, damage, or loss to my person or property which may be: (a) caused by any act, or failure to act, by the above-identified persons and entities; (b) sustained by me before, during or after the Activities and its related events; or © incurred by me as a result of or in connection with medical treatment necessitated by the foregoing. I FURTHER COVENANT AND AGREE NOT TO SUE THE BATC AND/OR ITS AGENTS, OFFICERS, VOLUNTEERS AND REPRESENTATIVES FOR ANY OF THE CLAIMS, LOSSES OR LIABTUTIES THAT I HAVE WAIVED, RELEASED, OR DISCHARGED HEREIN; AND I INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE PERSONS OR ENTITITES MENTIONED ABOVE FROM ANY AND ALL EXPENSES INCURRED, CLAIMS MADE, OR LIBILTIES ASSESSED AGAINST THEM, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITIED TO ATTORNEY’S FEES AND LITIGATION EXPENSES, ARISING OUT OF OR RESULTING FROM, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, MY ACTIONS OR INACTIONS, MY BREACH OR FAILURE TO ABIDE BY ANY PART OF THIS WAIVER AND RELEASE FORM INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO MY COVENANT NOT TO SUE; MY BREACH OF FAILURE TO ABIDE BY ANY OF THE STANDARDS, DIRECTIONS AND RULES OF THE ACTIVITIES; OR ANY OTHER HARM CAUSED BY ME. The above agreements and representations are my express understandings of the risks and I assume these voluntarily and freely without coercion or duress. This agreement may not be modified orally and may not be waived in any respect. I accept responsibility for the condition and adequacy of any equipment I may use, safety gear and other component, and agree to abide by all rules encountered during the Activities including the recommended wearing of proper clothing, helmet, safety glasses or goggles, and other gear, as well as other requirements. I also consent to and permit emergency medical treatment in the event of injury or illness. I have read this Agreement, Waiver, and Release and intend that same be executed under seal as defined by the laws of the State of Maryland.

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