2017-18 "Out of Town" Athlete Registration

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2017-18 "Out of Town" Athlete Registration

Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo registration form for 2017-18 Season

Training Fee

Out of town Tsunami athletes will be asked to pay a $150.00 training fee to the club. This training fee goes towards coaching expenses/travel and tournament registration fees throughout the season. Payment for this can be made either via e-transfer (treasurer@tsunamiwaterpolo.com) or by a cheque given to the head coach (Raine).


I, acknowledge that the Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club (EWPC) assumes no liability arising from personal injury, damages or loss of personal property while involved in or associated with any Water Polo Club activity. As well, I hold the club members, coaching staff, administrators or duly authorized persons harmless from liability and hereby authorize the above to take actions they deem necessary to correct, or attempt to correct, any situation which has resulted in personal injury, property damage or loss of personal property while involved with any Water Polo Club associated activity.

Edmonton Water Polo Club Player Code of Conduct


Edmonton Water Polo Club Parent Code of Conduct



In consideration of the Edmonton Water Polo Club agreeing to the above athlete as a member of the Club, I/we, as parents/guardians of the athlete, agree to accept financial responsibility for the full fees of the above-named athlete, to pay his/her travel costs in the form of post-dated travel cheques and to accept responsibility for bingos, casino and other volunteer obligations. If my/our athlete leaves the Club, whether voluntarily or otherwise, after October 15th, I/we will forfeit all registration fees paid to the EWPC in accordance with the refund policy.

I understand that all cheques returned for not sufficient funds (NSF Cheques) will be subject to a $40.00 fee. If I/we pay club fees with a NSF cheque, I/we may be asked to pay future fees in cash or by certified cheque.

Travel Release/Committment

Edmonton Water Polo Club requires that you agree to allow your athlete to attend all tournaments & competitions as listed on the Competition Schedule (once finalized) for their assigned teams.

NOTE: Your child may be asked to play up in an older age group team.

I/we agree to allow my/our child to attend ALL water polo tournaments and games as outlined in the final competition schedule, for the age group teams to which my daughter/son has been assigned for season. I/we agree to pay all fees associated with these tournaments and competitions.

Consent for use of photographs, videos, etc

I understand that the Club, Alberta Water Polo Association and Water Polo Canada have a valid interest in taking photographs, video tape, and/or digital recordings of my child during regular practices and competitive water polo activities, and to use these in any and all media to promote the Club and the sport of water polo, and I consent to this. I waive any rights to compensation and ownership thereto.

I am aware that by giving this consent, I am permitting my child’ name, photos and performance results to be posted on the Club, AWPA and WPC websites or publications, and other venues.

Consent for collection and use of personal information

I understand the Club collects personal information about each of its registrants, including name, address, E-mail, telephone number, sex, age and date of birth. Some of this information may be used by and disclosed to Water Polo Canada, Alberta Water Polo Association, and Sport Canada for annual demographic reporting, registration, insurance, determining age group and to communicate with participants about water polo programs, events and activities.

We, the Club, will use this information for communication with Club members and to facilitate communication among our Club members. Your contact information will be made available to other Club members as reasonably necessary for purposes related to the Club’s activities.

I understand that, by registering, I am consenting to the use of the personal information as necessary for the operation of the Edmonton Water Polo Club and its associations.

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