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Posted by Abbotsford Whalers at Jun 5, 2018 8:30AM PDT

The Langley Flippers Swim Meet is coming up soon on June 23 & 24. Attached is the swim meet package for those who wish to plan ahead.

The online registration for this swim meet is now open

The deadline for Meet Entries is June 18. Unlike Langley’s previous meet, this meet will feature the addition of 4 new (OPTIONAL) events:

1. 50 Breaststroke [Divs 4-8 + OCAT-2]
2. 50 Backstroke [Divs 4-8 + OCAT-2]
3. 100 Breaststroke [Divs 1-3 + OCAT-1]
4. 100 Backstroke [Divs 1-3 + OCAT-1].

Please note that any entries in any of these events will count towards the 4 entry limit. These events are an addition to Langley’s swim meet—all conventional events are still present and able to be swum.

FAMILY RELAY: On Saturday, the Flippers will be hosting a fun family relay after the conclusion of relay prelims. Teams must be comprised of family members, and can feature any of the following combinations: 2 family members from 1 family and 2 family members from another, 3 family members + 1 non-related member, or 4 family members.

Please note that any swimmers that wish to participate that are not members of the BCSSA must fill out and complete the BCSSA Parent Relay waiver form, and bring $5 to cover insurance.

The document Langley_Meet_2018_-_Meet_Package.pdf was attached to this post.


Posted by Abbotsford Whalers at May 30, 2018 10:35PM PDT

Here is the information you will need to help you select the events for your athlete – ensure the race # you select is the correct one for your child’s age / division

Remember to bring $5 cash to purchase the swim meet booklet that shows what races / heats your athlete is registered in on day 1 of the swim meet.

You should have received an email inviting you to register for this swim meet online. You can also sign into your swim portal directly ( and under View Meets, indicate if your athlete will be attending and then select the appropriate races they wish to compete. Please make sure you refer to the swim meet package attached to this announcement for the swim meet race #’s for your child.

The document HOP_-_Hope_River_Monsters_Invitational_Meet_-_2018._767_.pdf was attached to this post.

Mission Marlins Swim Meet Info Package

Posted by Abbotsford Whalers at May 22, 2018 12:38PM PDT

The attached document contains information athletes and parents may be interested in having prior to attending the Mission Marlins Swim Meet this upcoming weekend.

Remember to bring $5 cash with you to the swim meet to purchase the Swim Meet Booklet when you arrive.

The document 2018_Marlins_Meet_Information_Package.pdf was attached to this post.

Emails have been sent out to all athletes inviting them to register for the Mission Marlins swim meet – please check your email inboxes and complete the online registration by May 22

IF you have not received the email inviting you to sign up for races at the Mission Marlins swim meet – please access your account using and click on View Meets. You should be able to select the races for you or your athletes in your own account.

See the attached PDF document that shows you step-by-step instructions on how to register your athlete for the swim meet.

The document How_to_Sign_Up_your_Athlete_for_a_Swim_Meet_using_Online_Program.pdf was attached to this post.

Jr. Whalers Registration - NOW OPEN

Posted by Abbotsford Whalers at Apr 30, 2018 10:47AM PDT

Jr. Whalers – 2018 Summer Registration is NOW OPEN

Session 1: July 3 to 13
Week 1: Tuesday – Friday
Week 2: Monday – Friday

Session 2: July 23 to August 2
Week 1: Monday – Friday
Week 2: Monday – Thursday

Swim Times: TBD but will be between 9:00am to Noon

Practices will be 1 hour total: 15 minutes dry land warm-up and 45 minutes in the pool.

Maximum # of athletes: 65

If you register for only one session, the fee is $150. Your registration is not eligible for the $50 rebate.

If you register for both sessions, the fee is $250. You will be required to enter a code for a $50 rebate (Code: TWOJRWHALERS) and you will need to register your athlete twice.

The online registration process has some limitations and this is one of them. Apologies in advance for the trouble – but the 2nd time you register your child will be much faster once your athlete’s profile has been created the first time.