News and Announcements


On behalf of the 6th Grade Boys Soccer Team, I would like to thank all of our parents and supporters for a fantastic season. Your support was greatly appreciated. This not only means a lot to us as coaches, but it means a lot to the kids as well. We also want to thank you for the support in the method of develop we took in preparing the 6th grade boys for next years season. They loved it and it’s great to know that that they will better prepared for the coming challenges that lie ahead of them in their school careers. Thank you!

Our team experienced a good amount of success this season. While we did not play as many games as we had hoped to participate in, when we did play official matches, we remained undefeated. But, what we are most proud of the fact that every kid on the roster improved. They had a great attitude all year long and worked so hard at each practice. Soccer can be easily one of the most competitive sports here at The Village School and even though there were tough practices, challenges that pushed their limits, and minor injuries, all the boys pushed through it and showed the dedication and loyalty that makes a true Viking athlete.
I will really miss this group of kids. With this being my first year as a soccer coach here at The Village, I had the privilege to coach this talented group of athletes, and couldn’t have asked for a better first team. We made a commitment to get better at the beginning of the season, and upon looking back, I was blown away by how far each athlete has come. It was fun to see the growth in their physical development, their mental strength and acuity, but most of all their passion for their teammates and sport.

Good luck to everyone in their future seasons and sports.

- Coach Grant


The 7th Grade Boy’s Soccer Team had a impressive 2016-17 season. With our overall record being 9-0 and winning 1st place in the St. Johns and ROBS tournament, there were so many great highlights that we all shared and enjoyed. Going undefeated and dominating the competition was definitely not an easy thing to do. This team showed quite a bit of skill, fitness and camaraderie on the field. Each player had his teammate’s back which showed a true brotherly bond. I’m so proud of how far they have come in their development. These guys were truly Champions. Congratulations on a great season!


The 8th grade boys’ soccer team has concluded its season as HJPC champions! The championship match was held at The Village School (tournament hosts). The entire team thrived on hearing the cheers and roars of the crowd throughout the match. Thank you to all of our supporters!

The highly anticipated matchup versus Kinkaid began at 4:00. Just last week, the Vikings suffered their first loss of the season to Kinkaid by a score of 3-1. At the ten minute mark, Samy F. scored from the left side of the box to give the Vikings a 1-0 lead! The momentum was kept by the Vikings in the second half as Gerardo G. blasted a penalty kick past the keeper to make the score 2-0. A few minutes later, Nicolas A. swung a left foot at a ball near the eighteen that found its way across the goal line (3-0). A beautiful cap to the scoring occurred when Julien R. hit a free kick from 40 yards out that found the head of Nicolas A. and he directed into the goal. What a brilliant header! The score was now 4-0 with fewer than 8 minutes remaining. The crowd was buzzing with excitement and the bench was anxiously awaiting the celebration soon to ensue with the players on the pitch. Three final blasts of the whistle and it was complete… The Village School Vikings have become HJPC Boys’ Soccer Champions for just the second time in school history! Samuel B. and Kasper V. both combined for the shutout win as they played behind an impeccable defensive line.

Coach Wolfe would like to credit every member of the team for his diligence, class, character, commitment, work ethic, attitude and integrity throughout the course of the season. These great young men exemplify incredible character that will certainly help them excel in life. Coach Wolfe would also like to thank all of the parents for their support throughout the season! Whether you were providing us with a pregame snack or driving about Houston to support our team, we were, and are, certainly grateful for you. Go Vikings!


The 6th grade girls basketball team ended their season on a positive note by defeating St. Mark’s 30-4 in the St. Francis tournament on January 28th. Coach DeBakey’s focus for this season was to stress the major fundamentals of the game, including a strong emphasis on dribbling, passing, and shooting. The highlight of the season was an impressive 12-4 win over St. John’s on January 17th to give the Lady Vikings their first win of the season. Coach DeBakey would like to thank all the girls for their positive attitude and competitive spirit all season. These girls have a bright future and the entire coaching staff hopes these girls continue to get better in the off-season. Go Vikings!


The 6th grade basketball team had a great season. We emphasized learning the fundamental skills of the game, footwork, and offensive and defensive concepts. We played in a lot of close games and suffered some tough losses. I hope the majority of them continues with the sport to grow and develop their skills. They will benefit from off-season workouts and hopefully off-season basketball. They are a great group of boys and I enjoyed coaching them and wish them all the best of luck.

Coach KB