Q & A With Coach Rhodes- Varsity Girls Soccer

Posted by Girls Soccer on Nov 10 2015 at 08:29AM PST in 2015-16

The Varsity girls soccer team is under new leadership this year. Coach Katelyn Rhodes is in her first season as Varsity Head Coach. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, having played at the collegiate level and her vast coaching experience. So far, the girls have bought in to her philosophy as a coach and the results speak for themselves. The Varsity team has started 2-0, and have outscored their opponents, 7-1 overall.

Here is the interview we had together that digs deeper into her philosophy and vision for the program. Enjoy!

Q: As a first year coach at The Village School who has taken over a Varsity program, what type of changes and culture are you trying to implement into girls soccer?

A: I am trying to get these kids ready for their future jobs. I am holding them accountable for all of their actions. Just like work they must show up to practice on time, wear the proper clothing, and are expected to work hard everyday. I am trying to show them that these things are important in all things they do.

Q: How have the girls responded to the changes you are making? How do you get them to buy in to your philosophy as a coach?

A: It has been great! It is one thing to hold these girls accountable as a coach, but to see them do it as teammates makes me very happy.

Q: What are your hopes for year 1 as a program? What is your long-term vision?

A: The first year is all about helping set the foundation for the culture. But just like every other year it is about progressing as a team from game to game. If we are getting better as a team from game to game what more could you ask for?

Q: What type of style of soccer do you like to play?

A: There are tons of different styles of soccer, but my favorite style is called total soccer. Soccer is such an unpredictable game, and if you can keep it that way as a style you will be more successful.

Q: If there is one thing you would like the Village community to know about your team, what would you like to share with them?

A: These girls fight and grind to be a part of The Lady Viking Soccer Family every day. Just like every other family, they will fight with each other and they will fall, but they will always stand up together. It is such a privilege to be able to walk on the field with those 19 girls.

AWESOME! Come and watch your Varsity girls soccer team for their next home match on Monday, November 30th at 7:00pm!