FPAlerts will be Used During TNT Tournament

Posted by TNT Softball on Jun 21 2017 at 05:00PM PDT

In order to improve our urgent, last minute, emergency communications with our teams/players/parents/fans/coaches,

we have registered our tournament with a text messaging service called FPAlerts.

This service is FREE for you, and it will allow us to quickly communicate urgent and timely information with you via text messaging to your cell phones and email addresses.

ALL coaches/players/parents/fans MUST register their cell phone numbers and/or email addresses in order to receive text/email communications from our group.

We will not be able to make individual phone calls when we have urgent or time-sensitive information to communicate such as weather disruptions, schedule changes or game cancellations.


DATE OF ACTIVATION: 3 days prior to the event


To sign up:  

Go to and click on "SignUp".

Set up your account with an email address, username and a password.

On the next page, select “Add Cell or Email”.

You can subscribe either email addresses or cell numbers or both.

If your cell phone carrier is listed then enter it using the Cell/SMS button.

If your cell phone carrier is not listed, you will need to enter your cell phone as an email address (see information below on “How to Convert Your Cell Phone Number to Email Address”).

Open the Subscription Category of “Tournaments” by clicking it

and select “TNT Showcase and Clinic (PA)”.


Register your email AND your cell phone!!         Have everyone on your team register!

On the date of activation listed above, we will send a welcome text to all subscribed members.

When you receive that text you will know that you are subscribed properly.

If you do not receive that welcome text, then you are not subscribed properly

and need to follow the subscribe process again more carefully.



If you have any problems or questions, please contact Patti Shotwell at




If your cellular phone, PDA, or pager is capable of receiving text messages, you can receive FPAlerts on your cell phone. If your cell provider is not one of the options on the signup page, you need to subscribe your cell number like an email address. You should ask your cell service provider for your text message email address or use the examples below for various providers. NOTE: DO NOT PUT DASHES IN THE ADDRESSES.

• Alltel: your 10 digit

• AT&T: your 10 digit (previously your 10 digit

• Boost Mobile: your 10 digit

• Cingular: your 10 digit or 10 digit number

• Metro PCS: your 10 digit

• Nextel: your 10 digit

• Sprint: your 10 digit

• T-Mobile: your 10 digit

• US Cellular: your 10 digit

• Verizon: your 10 digit

• Virgin Mobile: your 10 digit

• Rogers (Canada): your 10 digit

• SkyTel (Canada): your pager PIN or Personal Access

• Arch Wireless: your pager

• Cellular South:

If these do not work, please check with your provider to obtain the most recent access method and to make sure that your cellular phone is authorized to receive text or email messages. 






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