Sting's Growing List of College Commitments

Posted by Blair Ota on Oct 15 2012 at 05:00PM PDT

 2013 College Commitments: 

Long Beach State University, CA - Mattie Scheele 2013 

Willamette University, OR - Alex Shields 2013 

San Francisco State University, CA - Aryn Guzman 2013
Utah Valley University, UT - Brittney Vansway 2013 
Humboldt State University, CA - Maddie Williams 2013
Abilene Christian University, TX - Tori Valdivia 2013
Claremont McKenna College, CA - Kaylilani Minami 2013
College of Southern Nevada, NV - Jill Rock 2013
Santa Ana College, CA - Annie Dowling 2013
Saddleback College, CA - Kylee Lologo 2013 


2012 College Commitments: 

Lisa Cadogan commits to Binghamton University, NY
Kiara Ota commits to Virginia Tech, VA
Julia Northcutt commits to Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ
Kayla Clausen commits to Boise State, ID
Halle Humphrey commits to Indiana State, IN
Madison Williams commits to Humboldt State University, CA
Tori Duquette commits to Saddleback College, CA
McRae Cayton commits to Saddleback College, CA


2011 College Commitments: 

Kyle Nakama commits to Morehead State University, KY
Amanda Fernandez commits to Boston University, MA
Mackenzie Sanderson commits to Willamette University in Salem, OR

Shanelle Harrell commits to Providence College, RI 


2010 College Commitments:

Arianna Morrison verbals to Oklahoma State
Brittany Rochford verbals to Emerson College in Boston, MA  
Jasmine Watson commits to Syracuse University, NY  

2009 College Commitments:

Jasmin Harrell commits to Virginia Tech
Mikayla Fernandez commits to University of Vermont


2008 College Commitments:

Caitlin Bradac signs with Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey
Kristin Sullivan signs with Harvard College, MA
Kindra Bennett signs with University of North Dakota
Anissa Zambrano commits to Mt. San Antonio College

2007 College Commitments:
Katie Carson signs with Cal Baptist University
Erikka Moreno signs with Stanford University
Sierra Wood signs with Emerson College, Boston, MA
Brianna Carpenter signs with Lansing College, MI
Deannie Plemon signs with Binghamton University, New York

2006 College Commitments:
Nicole Aaronson signs with The University of Pennsylvania
Mandi Eliades signs with University of California at San Diego 
Katrina Gaudier signs with Drexel University
Jena Handley signs with Eastern Kentucky University
Whitney Lewis signs with Brown University
Kaitlin Merkt signs with University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Krista Seeman signs with Quinnipiac University
Krystal Singley signs with University of California at Santa Barbara

2005 College Commitments:
Kelly Cabana signs with Miami (Ohio) University
Amanda Ford-Feitz signs with Western Kentucky University
Brianna Moreno signs with Princeton University
Erin Ota signs with Virginia Tech
Lauren Peterson signs with Villanova University
Monica Alnes signs with San Diego State University

2004 College Commitments: 
Brittany Dock signs with University of Hawaii, Hilo Hawaii
Ryann Horseman signs with University of Nevada, Reno Nevada
Maggie Davidson signs with Concordia University, Irvine
Katherine Hall signs with Chapman University

2003 College Commitments:
Amanda Garza signs with University of Hawaii
Allison Lewis signs with Chapman University, Orange CA
Melissa Ota signs with Brown University, Rhode Island
Melissa Haffner signs with University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
Alissa Zoelle signs with Fresno State University, California
Kelley Bretscher signs with Mercer College, Georgia
Teresa Leyden signs with University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
Erika Peterson signs with Purdue University, Indiana
Brittany Crouch signs with St. John's University, New York

2002 College Commitments:
Katherine White signs with Temple University, Philadelphia
Candice Rainwater signs with University of Nevada, Reno Nevada 


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