Rebels Guidelines

Posted by Ernie Marez on Mar 02 2011 at 04:00PM PST

Rebels Softball Guidelines

ATTENDANCE: Every effort should be made to attend all practices, and, be on time. That means, "On the field, warming up", by the start of each practice.  15 minutes before practice starts.  All players will pick up equipment after practice and put away before you are allowed to go to the dugout.  

PRACTICE ATTIRE/EQUIPMENT: Come prepared to play/practice. Player should wear team shirt, pants, and knee pads, warm up jackets, water, and softball equipment to every practice.  All team gloves will placed on top of each other next to each other and off the dirt, and it will be the team responsibilities to make sure everyone has their glove and a ball.  All Bat bags will be placed on ground next to each other side by side during practice and tournaments.

ON THE FIELD RULES: All players are expected sprint and hustle on and off the field. Softball discussions are the only discussions allowed. 

CELL PHONES: During game days/practices from the time we start to warm up until game/practices are over, cell phones are not allowed. 

ABSENCES: If a player must miss a practice, she must call the manager and let him know. If a player misses a practice, she should not "expect" to play the following game. This is not meant to punish players who must miss a practice, it is meant to encourage and reward players who are there. Player must also call the manager following missed practice to get an upcoming schedule. The more a player is absent from practices the less the chance is that she will be playing in games or remaining on the team. In the event that a player misses a practice or game or has to leave early from either, it is the responsibility of the player to call and get any updated information for upcoming events. 

UNIFORMS: Players should arrive in the correct uniform for all games and it should be clean and in good shape.  NO ONE will be allowed to play if not in FULL & COMPLETE uniform. 

INJURIES: In the event of an injury, if possible, the player should still attend practice. Much can be learned from helping coaches and listening to practice. If you are injured or become ill during a game or practice it is your responsibility to your team to report it to the manager immediately.  

DUES: The 18u/Gold or recruitment divisions are the most expensive division to play in and many tournaments and recruitment tournaments are very expensive and must be paid in advance sometimes this means a year in advance. Dues must be kept up to date and could affect your playing time and your place on the team.

FRIENDS/PARENTS: Friends should not attend practice "if" it is a distraction to "any" player.  Players should always remember that game time is not designated as time to visit with friends or family outside the field of play.

 Coaches & players in dugout ONLY.  Parents are encouraged to support their children. However, during practices and games they should refrain from approaching the dugout to coach, counselor, or to critique their daughter. Players do not leave dugout during games. Drinks, seeds, & gum only. No food, unless O.K.’d by manager.

CONDUCT: Good sportsmanship and professional behavior is expected at all times, and, in all circumstances. There should be no conversation with umpires, coaches, players, or parents regarding a call or a play.
It is also good sportsmanship for parents to allow coaches to coach. Parents are encouraged to work with their daughters, but not during game time or practices. That includes comments or instruction when up to bat & especially after errors. During game time, parents: be your daughter's mom & her biggest fan.

TRAVEL: During the season there may be extensive travel. Please be advised that these travel days are not vacations! A lot of money has been spent to enable us to go to a tournament. As a team we are going to a tournament with a purpose and that is to play softball. On each occasion it is the sole responsibility of the Manager to determine any extra curricular activities. It is the responsibility of the player to adhere to all curfews any exceptions to this must be approved in advance by the Manager.

We encourage an open relationship between coaches, players, and parents. Parents should call the manager to set up an appropriate time to address questions or concerns. For your sake and for the sake of the players Do Not bring up concerns during and after a game or in the middle of practice. It's easy to exhibit good sportsmanship when things are going our way. How do we conduct ourselves when things are not going our way? 

These guidelines are meant to make the program run as smoothly as possible. Please take each of them as seriously as we do!


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