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Feb 6 Personal Skills Practice

Posted by BOB TWIDLE at Feb 5, 2002 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
We began with our usual "kill the coach" aerobics. Tonight we called "Left Foot Night" which really should be called "The Other Foot Night". Passing, dribbling and shooting drills were done mostly on the left foot. Some players are better than others. Everyone is better than they were before. Playing with the "other foot" can only improve by doing. We showed some small ball mastery drills that can be done at home in very small spaces. Until you do it without thinking you will need to force yourself to work from the "other side". In pairs we continued with our short passing drills up and down the gym (left foot). We ran our relay races around cones with and without the ball. (Left foot with the ball). We worked on our "Moves" to deceive and turn effectively on a defender. We did 1 v 1 drills with defenders meeting forwards being defensively patient, but effective. We did some ball toss sit-ups in pairs. Players are encouraged to do some sit-up routines during the week. Kick strength comes from the midsection and some of our players have little strength in the abs. We scrimmaged for 20 minutes. We still need to remember to "show" for the ball and not hide behind defenders expecting the ball. We had fun. Niki closed the night with her speech about "The Perils of Being the Youngest In the Family". image
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Posted by BOB TWIDLE at Jan 31, 2002 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
We had an exhibition game against the GU11 at Homelands.
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Posted by BOB TWIDLE at Jan 29, 2002 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
1) Move side to side with ball, no defender. 2) move side to side with ball, with defender 3) Move side to side with a ball doing step over moves, no defender 4) Move side to side with a ball doing step over moves, with defender 5) 1 v. 1: player passes the ball. Player recieves the ball, shields from defender, does step move, turns and shoots. 6) Same as 5, but this time is a give and go. 7) relay races 8) Scrimmage
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Posted by BOB TWIDLE at Jan 24, 2002 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Nine players were present. We began with a warm-up drill throwing the ball around in groups of three, moving into and creating space. Then short foot passing the ball through the legs of one player and finally making a move before each pass in out groups. Receive turn and shoot - routine contact drill keeping the ball close and using the defender to control the ball. Added concept of a shoulder move before turning. 2 player passing/running drill. "A" passes to "B", "A" runs around "B" who holds the ball up and passes with correct weight in front of player "A" who shoots first time. Player "B" follows for rebound. 3 player passing running drill - see diagram. Scrimmage. image
We began our night with 20 min of aerobics led by the "Hamster Dance" and some "Coyote Ugly". (There were deserved requests for better tunes. We will continue to use music at this practice to lighten up the atmosphere. We ran a short passing drill in pairs facing each other and moving down the length of the gym. Our short passing control is slowly improving but still has a long way to go. Sprint races followed. 3 cones were placed on the route. Players ran without the ball first doing a backward run around each cone up and back. Twice. The race was continued using a ball. Twice. Players were required to turn the ball around the cones using the outside of their foot. A simple exercise where players received the ball face on, turned without stopping the ball and shot on net.No defender. Focus on accuracy over power. A defending drill. Defenders passed a ball to a striker at halfway then rushed at the striker to shut down the play without over committing. A 25 minute scrimmage followed. Players were required to make a "move" before making a pass. Players needed to get the ball into space where a "move" was possible. We continue to encourage ball possession and ball mastery. image