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The coaching staff will select athletes for the competitive season based on the following criteria:
1. Displays a Consistent Positive Attitude. Athletes of any ability level who are viewed by the coaching staff during the summer camp or during the prior season(s) as being negative toward their teammates, the sport, training, the coaching staff or the well-being of the program will not make the team. Such attitudes are detrimental to the team bonding process and will not be tolerated.

Prior experience with King Cross Country will NOT guarantee a position on the team.

Internet/Facebook/Twitter posts, texting or other electronic communication that is damaging to individuals or the team as a whole will not be tolerated and if discovered will be grounds for dismissal from the team

Such characteristics of negativity, should they arise during the competitive season (after selection has been made) may result in mid-season dismissal from the team.

2. Shows Consistent Quality Effort in practice. Athletes who make a habit of walking for any part of a practice after the first two weeks of the summer practice schedule will not be selected for the competitive season. Deliberately cutting a prescribed route to gain a shorter distance is viewed as showing a distinct lack of effort.

3. Demonstrates a Minimum Ability Level. Concerns of safety and liability require that the coaches be able, within reason, to monitor all runners on the team. Therefore, runners must demonstrate the ability to run at an adequate speed to ensure visibility and group contact. Much effort will be made by the coaches during the summer camp to motivate and instruct all runners to be able to maintain reasonable contact with the group. Should a runner NOT be able to consistently finish workouts without walking, within a reasonable time-gap of the group, such a runner will not be selected for the competitive season.

All athletes must meet minimum time standards to make the team.

Below is a listing of the marks for both ROOKIES and VETERANS.


In order to be eligible to race, all athletes on the roster (rookies and veterans alike) must meet the time requirements for 3 miles on a time trial that will be held on August 25 AND September 8. (or have coaches’ approval of eligibility).

Standards for competition are:
9-11th grade rookie girls: 25:30
9-11th grade rookie boys: 23:30

12th grade rookie girls: 23:30
12th grade rookie boys: 20:45

Veterans of King XC must meet the following by August 25: (Veterans are boys and girls who have run at least one year of King XC) - Run a three mile course in their 2018 pace per mile PR + 90 seconds.

Click here to see the times returning runners must meet, along with all other requirements for team selection. (coming soon)

NOTE: Improvement over your time spent in our program is an expectation. Therefore, if a KXC veteran’s 2018 pace-per-mile PR + 1:30 window pushes their qualifying mark ABOVE the rookie standard for your grade, then the veteran must meet the rookie standard for their grade level (9-11 or 12th grade rookie standard)

As always, coaches’ discretion in final team and competition eligibility remains in effect for extenuating circumstances.

For the first time in our history, we'll be heading to Arizona for a two-night three day trip to compete in the Nike Desert Twilight Invitational!

The meet is a large and competitive invitational that is hosted on the same course that the Nike Southwest Regional qualifier for NXN is raced. The meet is now the official "Nike Nationals Pre Southwest meet", which means many of the top teams vying for an NXN berth may be in attendance to get a feel for the course. In 2018, the meet had over 100 schools competing under the lights.

The meet website

The meet is held on the last Friday of September, so we will leave Riverside on Thursday and return on Saturday.  We will stay in Phoenix and include sightseeing and other fun things besides the racing. 

King XC has a history of traveling to compete. We've raced in Fresno, San Francisco, Ventura, Morro Bay, Birminghatm Alabama, Seattle Washington. This trip will add to our legacy.

We will take a chartered bus which has a limited number of seats (approximatley 50), so, as we've done in the past, our summer camp will serve as a means by which to create our roster for the trip. Athletes will gain a spot on the bus based on a point system similar to the ones we've used in past years for other trips. Points earned will be ranked and the cutoff based on 1) points, 2) gender and room assignments.  Points reflect our summer camp and training values and priorities.

Cost of the trip is yet to be determined, but it will be subsidized by fundraising.


1) RUSD and Summer Camp Full Clearance on or before July 22.  20 points.
Athlete must have the RUSD packet completed  with all signatures, all information and DR's physical valid through November 2019 and the Summer Camp fee paid.

2) Attendance and participation at Summer Camp -   20 points per day
For every day we hold camp and the athlete runs

3) Athletes meets his/her minimum required time for Team Selection
on Week 1 Time Trial - 40 points (must be an active camp participant to contest this)
on Week 2 Time Trial - 30 points (must be an active camp participant to contest this)
on Week 3 Time Trial - 20 points (must be an active camp participant to contest this)
Points are earned only once in this category, upon the first attainment.
4) 30 points for attending the team summer camp BBQ and pool party

5) 20 points if athlete earned a KXC Varsity Letter in 2018.

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Click here for a flyer

We will once again have a summer camp for all interested 9th-12th grade students enrolled at King High.  It will start July 22 and go Monday-Saturday through August 10.

Cost is $100, ($95) if paid before May 23, 2019.

 All athletes must have a current Dr's Physical and RUSD Athlete Packet filled out before being allowed to participate.  

The camp is designed to build team unity prior to the start of the season and develop physically.  It will also serve as the only opportunity for athletes to earn a spot on our Fall overnight travel competition.  This year, we are planning on competing in Arizona. 

If you have any questions, contact Coach Peters at 

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He was a scrawny little kid who stumbled into cross country four years ago, mainly to get in shape for his first loves, basketball and baseball. Lane Werley ended up running varsity that 9th grade season, something only a handful of freshmen have done over the years, and while it was a solid season, it didn't scream out that big things -- really big things -- were to come.

Time has a way of changing stuff. That little freshman grew into a 6-3 man and the kid who was simply looking for something to do during the fall of 2007, discovered in the process a talent he most likely didn't know he had. Seizing the opportunity it presented, Lane pushed himself with great discipline and personal responsibility over the last couple of years to becoming the best that he could be. That effort landed him at a level no one would have dreamed of just a handful of years ago, but after a muddy slog over 5000 meters at the 2010 Nike Cross Nationals (NXN) on Saturday, he firmly established himself as one of the best high school distance runners in the land.

The seventh-annual NXN meet saw a week of rain turn the course into a mud pit, but race day dawned cold and dry. Whereas Lane viewed last year's race as a "reward for a good season", this time, his final time, it was a season-long goal. Upon arrival in Portland, his goal was almost fulfilled; a top-ten finish would be the ultimate prize.

He got out well after the cannon resounded; something he didn't do last year which left him clamoring for spots and ultimately a 25th place finish. By 1000 meters here in 2010, he was in 14th place and then spent the next 4K catching up to those who started either too hard or succumbed to the precipitous amounts of mud or other man-made obstacles on the course. With 1K to go Lane had moved into 7th and was locked into a duel with an opponent for 6th. Over the last soggy sprint, Lane was able to pull away and secure a 6th place finish and his second All American title in the last 6 months.

It is always fascinating to see what young people do with their four years of high school. Some see the opportunities before them and let them pass, prone to ease and resistant to risk. For Lane, while he didn't enter high school with the plan to finish as one of the nation's premier runners and ready to embark on a collegiate career at UCLA, that scenario presented itself and he seized on it. Over a saturated and muddy field in Portland Oregon, Lane finished his high school cross country career with a flurry and on about as big a stage as one could imagine.

It's quite a way to go out.

Results    Photo Gallery   Meet's website   video of Boys Race   Highlight video of NXN experience and races


The Mt.SAC Invitational course can bring either heart ache or joy. Its challenging three hills and 63 year-long tradition give harriers the opportunity to challenge themselves against both history and their own ability or strength. Throw in warm weather -- as October in So Cal can often serve up --  and it becomes an experience only for the hearty. But cover the 2.91 miles in clouds, cool temps and subdue the dust with a rainstorm that leaves town before race day, well you got the setting for joy.

 Such was the case for the 2010 edition, creating, well literally “perfect” racing conditions.  One could call the 2010 version of Mt.SAC  “Joyville, USA”. King’s runners took advantage of the weather and hardened paths and obliterated their own personal bests on the course and came home holding the fastest ever recorded times for Riverside County runners, both male and female.   

Both Lane Werley and Hanna Peterson broke the Riverside County Records for the course. Lane needed only 2 seconds to do it, he took 20 off his personal best while admittedly not having his “best” day. Hanna Peterson needed to leapfrog 8 other past performances and drop 40 seconds to do it, she took off 43 and went home with the record.  So now, two King runners sit atop the county list for the heralded course.

Lane led the boys varsity team to a 1:20 drop in team time from the previous school record. Devin Becerra and Nick Rini went 2-3 for the Wolves, with both having truly outstanding performances. They both PR’d as well, and both dropped below 16:00. Prior to this day, only two King runners had eclipsed 16:00 in our history, in this one race, three did. Marc Jimenez and Adam Schupp again came up with big-time races to help the team drop that team time to 79:04 and finish 5th in the Individual Sweeps race. Hanna Peterson’s 17:13 was good for 4th place overall in the Team Sweeps and while the girls’ inflated score left the team near the bottom of the 17 team field, they still put together the #2 all time team time (behind last year’s CIF Finals squad) and saw PR’s from Carrie Soholt, Lisa Garside and Raelyn Werley. Katelyn Fatten had never even seen the famed course much less race it, but the great competitor didn’t let that stop her from running a very impressive first SAC race at 19:35.

Three hours separated the varsity sweeps action and the remainder of the team who raced in the afternoon.  Brandon Berz led the charge for the sophomore boys with a super sub-17:00 PR. He was followed by Perry Elerts who notched a 17:09, well over a minute faster on the course than he ran last year at his former school!  Nathan Torres, Vincent Hernandez and Woodie Landeros rounded out the scoring for the group … all guys that could well be on the varsity seven in 12 months!  Lauren Soholt, Cayla Kim and Kaelyn Manning all raced well as the entire contingent of King runners in the sophomore girls race. Lauren finished in the top 10.

In the freshmen races, Iveth Gutierrez showed her great strength by hammering the hills and moving up steadily through the race, running 20:54. Sabrina Suarez was at 21:30.  Carli Texeira had a solid race despite battling illness. Tim DiGerolamo had a time that almost broke 18:00 in the 9th grade race, Ryan Rasmussen battled mightily again and Jacob Enriquez had his best race of the year, just 2 seconds behind his teammate. Tristan Valenciano dropped under 20:00.

The JV teams ran in near darkness but lit up the gloom with gritty efforts. Nathan Meier, Ben Huscher, Aaron Youngren were near the front of their race for much of the distance and led the guys to a 2nd place finish. Rafi Perez, Tyler Parrish and Joey Tompkins had superb races all going sub 17:30. Taylar Amiot had a lifetime best as well, moving up about 10 spots over the last two miles. Kimberli Graham and Courtney Mort were also dropping their personal bests and racing great.

The 2010 Mt.SAC Invitational will go down in history as one of the fastest ever. King enjoyed a game-changing day.  Girls varsity race  Boys varsity race

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