Posted by Kelly Taylor on Feb 19 2009 at 02:13PM PST

The 11 a.m. practice at NKCC would be on Saturday.


2009-02-19T15:38:48.000-08:00February 19 2009, at 03:38 PM PST, Karl Schroeder said:

Saturday may be difficult for Colin and I. My basketball team is in a tournament at Oak Park and our game time may end up being 10AM. Nancy will be with my daughter and unable to get Colin there. If we end up playing at a different time (depends on how we do) we’ll be there.

2009-02-20T20:45:43.000-08:00February 20 2009, at 08:45 PM PST, Karl Schroeder said:

We will be unable to attend the practice at 11:00.