Change T15 w16w led canbus light bulbs for reserve light

Posted by w16w led canbus on Aug 16 2018 at 11:57PM PDT

I have brought w16w led canbus bulbs that I brought in for my reserve light. There is no question that get light is an important part of any kind of cars and truck. We could mount aftermarket led bulb as my reserve light for a white glow in contrast to the plain shade that the vehicle rolled out of the manufacturing facility with. I am currently sharing my experience of mounting w16w led canbus T15 for book light.

Open up the trunk and also eliminate the pins, they constantly maintain a hold on the trunk liner.

  1. After eliminating the pins, discover the book light bulb setting and draw it out off the link.
  2. We will certainly discover the factory halogen light bulb.

Instead of the manufacturing facility bulbs, set up the new T15 w16w led canbus bulbs specifically in the exact same area as the old bulbs were eliminated. Keep in mind making sure to examine the bulbs before fixing them in.

Place the led light bulb into the light housing very carefully and also the installation is done. Finally inspecting whether the lights are working appropriately or otherwise, activate the car’s ignition as well as shift the equipment to see if the lights are operating work properly or not.

If not, just get rid of as well as turn the connector as well as placed it back in position. Due to the fact that the led light bulbs are polarity sensitive, they must be attached effectively in the setting up to make sure that they are complete in light up.


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