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by James Roach, 2009-01-06T06:05:48.000-08:00January 06 2009, at 06:05 AM PST

Hi all. The game stats up to the KL tournament should now be up to date. I have also cleared room for more pictures!
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Parctice Sweaters

2008-11-17 05:11 PST by James Roach (0 Comments)

A huge thank you Guy and Chad for the awesome practice shirts!!!

Sunday's Practice

2008-11-17 07:08 PST by James Roach (0 Comments)

Next Sundays practice will be two hours.

Next Game

2008-11-10 10:19 PST by James Roach (0 Comments)

Next game is Saturday, not Friday as mentioned at practice yesterday. Jamie [more]


2008-11-09 04:35 PST by James Roach (0 Comments)

Great practice today team. Parents, just a quick note, I double checked my emails and we were booked at the Sportplex today from 4 to 6. N... [more]

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