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Moved to PointStreak Site

by Dean Beleyowski, 2009-01-06T16:27:13.000-08:00January 06 2009, at 04:27 PM PST

Hi there,
Many people were having issues with the Teampages site (too slow) so we have moved to the Pointstreak Locker Room site attached to the CanLan site.
Our site has moved to the Pointstreak Site that links to the scoring information etc at Can... [more]
Past Announcements

Nutso Reluctantly Invites Teammates to Party...Teammates Ignore Snub Due to Rumour of Spiked Punch, Attend in Droves

2008-12-22 10:39 PST by Mark Nuttall (0 Comments)

Party invite for tomorrow night (Tuesday) below…sorry for last minute notice, but what did you expect, really? Thought soccer crew was on... [more]

AllBlacks Destroy White Seagulls with No Luftwaffe

2008-11-21 10:39 PST by Dean Beleyowski (1 Comment)

It was a dark and stormy night. Disco, Lefteye and I sat watching our good friends the Red Dogs play, sipping cold pre-game beers, and di... [more]

Tank v Tank Girl

2008-11-09 06:18 PST by Dean Beleyowski (0 Comments)

Well it’s official. Tank’s social is compelete and I didn’t get to see Tank Girl. I did see Nuttso though! JB was there in fine form – ... [more]

Play for the Tie

2008-11-09 09:12 PST by Dean Beleyowski (0 Comments)

Well it was a dark and stormy night (they ran out of Club) but otherwise it was a very good game. James w... [more]


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2008-12-22T22:31:32.000-08:00December 22 2008, at 10:31 PM PST, Mark Nuttall said:


2008-12-20T15:40:41.000-08:00December 20 2008, at 03:40 PM PST, Dean Beleyowski said:

I'm in. I shat myself last night. Only slightly shatting now...

2008-12-20T15:02:35.000-08:00December 20 2008, at 03:02 PM PST, Mark Nuttall said:

All All Blacks (Blacks) - regretfully, I have shat myself, and shan't be there. Who is in, and who is out? Will we have enough?

2008-12-20T09:53:30.000-08:00December 20 2008, at 09:53 AM PST, Mark Wiehler said:

Just wanted to let you all know that I wont be attending the game tonight as I will be out of town. Good luck

2008-11-19T16:57:19.000-08:00November 19 2008, at 04:57 PM PST, Mark Wiehler said:

hey folks, sorry to say but i will not be there tonight. best of luck though.

2008-11-01T17:16:32.000-07:00November 01 2008, at 05:16 PM PDT, Jean Jaure said:

6-pack for calling a higher up inarticulate.

2008-11-01T06:20:59.000-07:00November 01 2008, at 06:20 AM PDT, Kelly Murray said:

So I posted on the actual game-schedule link that I am out for Sat and Wed. Is this enough to notify that I am out or do I need to send an email that I am out? Perhaps a higher up (who is more articulate than Dean and his guttural "in") could post a Rules Pertaining To 6-Packs, How-To, Etc in the document section.


2008-10-21T15:30:59.000-07:00October 21 2008, at 03:30 PM PDT, Dean Beleyowski said:

Dean still no walk.

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