Building the Perfect Personals Profile

Posted by Katie Rine on Mar 26 2017 at 02:24PM PDT

Far too many people, both men and women, take online dating very casually. There are many who start off just for fun, and never realize when matters begin to take a serious turn. The fact is, online


has become very serious now, as thousands of people from across the world are finding their casual dates and long term relations from this. There are hundreds of online dating websites too out there that can help you find your partner or would be spouse. So do not take it casually. Take the first right step – learn how to create the perfect personals profile.

How to create the perfect personals profile?

It is important to upload a picture: When someone is looking for a


and wants to contact the person, he or she expects to see a picture and have some idea about whom he/she is communicating. This is very important. And yes, this is important for both men and women. In fact, even if you feel that you are not exactly a stunner when it comes to looks, you can still improve your chances greatly when you upload that picture of yours. If you are feeling shy and do not wish to publish your photo in a public place, then at least mention that you will send the picture personally once the two of you have started to communicate.

Do not post too many pictures: Yes, you may have many great pictures, but you should refrain from posting them all. In fact, you should post just a single picture in which there is no one else with you. The fact is, you may not look the same in various pictures. For example, if the picture was taken at the workplace then you would surely look official in a business suit. On the other hand, if it was taken at a cousin’s birthday party, then you will surely appear like a completely different person. Remember, when people are seeing your pictures, they are also trying to understand what kind of a person you are. So do not confuse them by posting too many snaps.

Be truthful: A lot of people make exaggerations and tall claims to impress. And there are some who are so desperate that they publish someone else’s picture. You must never do this. Be truthful and say what you really are. Create the right kind of expectation. This indeed is the best approach to take the


forward. Often online daters have this complain that the actual person was completely different upon meeting.

Be different: Remember, in a popular online personals website, there could be thousands of profiles, and so the competition to get noticed could be huge. So try to be different when you are creating your profile. You will need to spice up the words and be humorous. For example, if you love dogs, you can rephrase it into something interesting such as – “I love spending time with animals”. Instead of just mentioning that you enjoy traveling, you may go ahead and write a bit about the last trip you took or your most memorable vacation. Similarly, if your mom urged you to create this profile, then you could try to be humorous about this. The reader will surely chuckle, and you will definitely stand out in a positive way.

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