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Another awesome night!!!

by Jonathan Kerr, 2007-10-13T00:22:00.000-07:00October 13 2007, at 12:22 AM PDT

Ok… it was awesome because of the people who showed up. I have even more sympathy for Nicole’s first game – after being creamed in the face tonight. My ears are still ringing. Other then that, it was a great night (oh yeah, and Adriana took a few in the face as well.) I guess you could say we’re a team that uses our heads when we play… Anyways... [more]
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First game

2007-09-21 10:29 PDT by Jonathan Kerr (0 Comments)

It was good to have everyone back… well, sort of everyone. Ok, just a couple of us and a few new faces. Thanks Shiona for getting us bac... [more]

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