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by Robin Picchi, 2008-11-10T12:04:50.000-08:00November 10 2008, at 12:04 PM PST

and bring a red-white t-shirt as the other team will be in dark
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2008-11-09 10:34 PST by Robin Picchi (0 Comments)

hey guys, just remember that tomorrow at 4 we have the final game! It is going to be a tuff one ’coz this team beat the grassblazers but w... [more]


2008-11-03 07:47 PST by Robin Picchi (0 Comments)

Hi everyone, remember that today at 4 we are going to have the semifinal with the japanese!! It will be a hard game so we have to be sure ... [more]

playoff start

2008-10-29 09:50 PDT by Robin Picchi (0 Comments)

hi guys, our next game is going to be tomorrow (thursday) at 5pm!! we are really going to need everyone since is the quarter final, we nee... [more]

Today at 5.30!!

2008-10-21 10:04 PDT by Robin Picchi (0 Comments)

Hey guys I wanted to remind you that today we are going to play at 5.30. I won’t be there as I got sick over the weekend but remember to n... [more]

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