Free Agency

Posted by Hendon Park Sports Association on Oct 26 2018 at 05:37AM PDT

HPSA Players,

We hope your offseason is going well.

As we start to collect deposits from your GMs for next season, we’ve already had some inquiries about free agents. We decided the easiest thing to do would be to re-open the free agency page like we do in the spring.

As a reminder, the free agency page is located on the main page of the website on the left hand menu (if on desktop) or the second dropdown menu (if on mobile). You can check this page anytime to see the available players/teams with openings.

Players: If you’re looking to join additional teams, please email Riley ( with your skill, availability, and position.
Teams: If you’re looking for players, please email Riley with the position that you’re looking to fill.

As of right now, two division 2 (Tuesday) teams are in need of players:

The Bushwackers,, are in need of a pitcher and a few additional players in IF/OF.
The Giants,, are in need of a pitcher.