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by Sterling Simpson, 2008-06-27T13:47:24.000-07:00June 27 2008, at 01:47 PM PDT

Thanks to Neil for manning the beer gardens for us at the tourney last weekend. Neil will receive a $20 rebate off his fees next year, or off a bat we may purchase this year.
Because of Neil we didn’t get fined $50 for not having anyone at the beer gardens.
Yay! Neil!
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Volunteers Needed

2008-06-18 08:44 PDT by Sterling Simpson (1 Comment)

We need two Volunteers to work the beer gardens at the Tudor House Annual Tournament this weekend. Our sch... [more]

League Website

2008-04-17 01:17 PDT by Sterling Simpson (0 Comments)

Don’t forget to check out the Tudor House league website: [more]

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2008-07-27T15:36:23.000-07:00July 27 2008, at 03:36 PM PDT, Allan Nichwolodoff said:

Isn't it a 6:15pm start for the Aug 6th games?

2008-07-27T12:03:46.000-07:00July 27 2008, at 12:03 PM PDT, Scott Laming said:

I've posted the rest of our games for the season. Only 5 games left! Lets see if we can't get full teams outm play like we did against the Blueballers, and head into the playoffs on a high note!

2008-07-24T08:32:44.000-07:00July 24 2008, at 08:32 AM PDT, Sterling Simpson said:

Bring Maya we could use a base coach

2008-07-24T07:10:31.000-07:00July 24 2008, at 07:10 AM PDT, Corey Kowal said:

Sorry guys - I have Maya both Thursday/Friday of this week. Unless I can find someone to watch her or she comes to base coach I won't be playing....

2008-07-23T16:22:49.000-07:00July 23 2008, at 04:22 PM PDT, Jasp Orama said:

I am back and ready to play!
I will also try and get Sean to play if need be as well.

2008-07-18T09:09:26.000-07:00July 18 2008, at 09:09 AM PDT, Andrew Simpson said:

Now hockey is over now Ster? lol...

2008-07-18T09:03:17.000-07:00July 18 2008, at 09:03 AM PDT, Sterling Simpson said:

I am back now from the DL. I cant throw hard yet but i can make light overhand throws. So i will be at every game until the end of the season and i will be able to play

2008-07-18T09:02:39.000-07:00July 18 2008, at 09:02 AM PDT, Sterling Simpson said:

Injury fest 2008 continues!



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