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First Look at 2011 Dates

by Stephen McBride, 2010-10-28T11:12:12.000-07:00October 28 2010, at 11:12 AM PDT

Just in from the CYA AGM
2011 Regatta Dates
Sail West, Gimli, Manitoba Aug 4-7th
Aug 15-18th, CORK International
Aug 20-24th, CORK Olympic classes
Aug 22-28th, OPti Cdns, Lunenberg
Aug 29-Sept 1, Cdn Youths (back again), St. Maragaret Bay (have to qualify to a certian le... [more]
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Pot Luck Dinner

2010-10-27 02:45 PDT by Stephen McBride (0 Comments)

Hello everyone,
Early warning on the upcoming Pot Luck. The date set is Monday the 29th of November at 6:30... [more]

This Coming Weekend

2010-06-16 05:29 PDT by Stephen McBride (1 Comment)

Hello everyone.
There will be no Oak Bay Cup this weekend. Due to lack of other teams we will be looking at... [more]

2010 Photos

2010-06-13 06:54 PDT by Anne Round

I have upload more team photos from the car wash and sailing this weekend.
Elliot there are a couple of good ones of you. Maddy a... [more]

Car Wash!

2010-06-06 11:02 PDT by Stephen McBride (0 Comments)

Hello Parents and Race Team Sailors,
Just a reminder that we are hosting a Car Wash! at the RVYC on Wed night! This is Mandatory... [more]

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2010-10-21T18:56:52.000-07:00October 21 2010, at 06:56 PM PDT, Nick Smith said:

Hey, does anyone want to go sailing tomorrow?

2010-09-19T23:45:40.000-07:00September 19 2010, at 11:45 PM PDT, Liam Quinlan said:

Hi, I was wondering if anyone wanted to rent out a laser for the coming weekend. My friend is in need of a boat for a regatta were going to, and is willing to pay a reasonable price to use it for the weekend.

2010-06-30T11:42:02.000-07:00June 30 2010, at 11:42 AM PDT, Kelsey Stroppel said:

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to write and say that I hope everyone is doing well and having an awesome summer. Big shout out to my amazing opti sailors for killing it in San Fran, Steve left me a voice mail telling me how amazing all of you did and I am sooooooooo sooooooo proud. I hope you are having tones of fun and will keep sailing hard all summer and that you are USING YOUR FANCY LOG BOOKS all the time. Keep being awesome and I will see you soon!!!!


2010-06-30T09:12:23.000-07:00June 30 2010, at 09:12 AM PDT, Nick Smith said:

Hey I was wondering if there is online registration for waves?

2010-05-03T09:53:53.000-07:00May 03 2010, at 09:53 AM PDT, Richard Dewey said:

Race Team,
I have posted pictures from Spring Dinghies 2010.

2010-02-01T22:21:36.000-08:00February 01 2010, at 10:21 PM PST, Liam Quinlan said:

Ok, I found a boat to use. Thanks for the offers everyone!

2010-02-01T19:06:03.000-08:00February 01 2010, at 07:06 PM PST, Liam Quinlan said:

Hi, I was wondering if anyone wanted to rent a laser to my dad for the Frozen Assets Regatta. He's willing to pay a reasonable amount for its use for the weekend.

2009-09-25T19:00:50.000-07:00September 25 2009, at 07:00 PM PDT, Geoff Abel said:

Hey everyone. I am going to send an order off to west coast sailing and I was wondering if anyone wanted to join in. Let me know.


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