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by Zachary Miller, 2008-02-19T12:00:34.000-08:00February 19 2008, at 12:00 PM PST

I will be picking up the t-shirts tonight or tomorrow & will have them at practice. The lady said it would be OK to add a few more if we wanted (Mandy, are you still looking for Doug’s? Want another one?).
I think the main reason we needed a "bulk" order originally, was so she could order the shirts all together. If anyone was to bring in th... [more]
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2008-02-18 11:51 PST by Zachary Miller (0 Comments)

Practices (until time change on 3/9) are 5:15-6:15ish at Forest Park on Wednesdays
Please try to arrive at all games 30min prio... [more]

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