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                                            Tiger Junior Lacrosse Club

                                 Constitution & By-Laws Amended 2/26/18

Article I: Name & Affiliations

  1. This organization shall be known as The Tiger Jr. Lacrosse Club (herein after referred to as “the club” or TJLC).

  2. The TJLC may change its name by a 2/3 vote of its membership.

  3. The principle office of the Club shall be located in Hackettstown, New Jersey, at the direction of the Board of Directors, with communication directed and addressed to 19 Asbury Rd., Hackettstown, NJ 07840.

  4. The Club may choose to participate or join, and join with, for specific purposes, organizations ascribing to the goals and purposes of the program. The organizations may include, but are not limited to: Hackettstown, Independence, Liberty and Allamuchy Recreation Departments, Jersey Girl Lacrosse Association, North Jersey Junior Lacrosse League, US Lacrosse, Positive Coaching Alliance, National Youth Sports Coaches Association, and the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

Article II: Purpose & Objectives

  1. It is the intent of the Club to instill in the players, parents, coaches, and directors the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect. The Club is determined to teach poise and character to all of those involved as it relates to activities occurring on and off the field of play, and to build healthier bodies and stronger minds to our youth, at the same time teaching them about fair play and sportsmanship. The purposes for which this Club has been formed, is to develop and promote community interest in the sport of lacrosse; to provide opportunities for participation in organized lacrosse for all children, and to provide safe and proper training in the fundamentals of the sport.

  2. It is also the intent and purpose that the Club shall be organized and operated for the purpose of growth and interests in the TJLC and the sport of Lacrosse with the intent of self-preservation and the ability to enhance services provided to the participating membership of TJLC and to the community at large, while insuring charitable and educational purposes are met in the public interest.

  3. The Club is not organized for financial profit of its directors, officers, or members. The Club may not issue stock or distribute dividends, and no part of the net income or earnings of the Club shall be used for the benefit of any officer or member of the Club, or any private individual. The majority of the Board of Directors shall act upon any donation or contribution not specifically addressed in these by-laws.

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4. This Club shall not participate in, or otherwise intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office, consistent with the practice of a 501C (3) type corporation.

Article III: Meetings, Membership & Voting Eligibility

  1. General Club membership meetings will be held quarterly during the months of March, June, September, and December. Meetings will be held at a designated time and location, as agreed to by the Board of Directors or at such place as may be designated from time to time by resolution of the Board. The Divisional Secretary will contact the membership at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the general meeting to confirm a specific time and location for said meeting. The Board of Directors may hold additional meetings to conduct Board business as the Directors see fit. Any member of the Board can call for an executive meeting. There must be a majority vote of the Board in order for that meeting request to be honored. Such meeting shall be conducted at either the Board of Directors designated location, or at the place designated by the Director requesting said meeting.

  2. The June general business meeting will be deemed the Annual Meeting. The Club business calendar will run from July 1st of the current calendar year thru June 30th of the following calendar year. Board elections will be held during the June general meeting and annual business will be completed. The current and newly elected Board of Directors will meet again in July for transition purposes. The new Board members will preside over all Board meetings or activities after the June election and the required transition meeting. No special meeting may be convened prior to the transition meeting, so that the new Board members may be adequately informed to then assume their duties. All out going Presidents, V.P.’s, Secretaries and Treasurers will turn over to the newly elected board all copies and receipts of club business in their possession.

  3. The order of the business at any general meeting shall be:

    • -  Call to order

    • -  Taking of attendance

    • -  Reading/acceptance of minutes from the previous meeting

    • -  Reports of Officers

    • -  Reports of Standing Committees

    • -  Old Business

    • -  New Business - Open Forum - Adjournment

  4. In the event of a change of meeting, all voting members should be notified seventy-two (72) hours prior to the new meeting date, by the Club Secretary. However, a general meeting may only be changed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. In case of inclement weather, a cancellation or postponement of a scheduled meeting should be made and all voting members


of the Club should be notified at least four (4) hours before the start of the scheduled meeting.

  1. The President may call for a special meeting of the Club, by a majority vote of the Board or a signed petition of 10% of the voting membership, if deemed necessary for the good of the TJLC. This request should be made at least forty- eight (48) hours in advance, through the Club Secretary. An attempt will be made to notify all voting members. The signed petition of 10% of the voting membership shall serve as the necessary quorum to conduct the special meeting.

  2. Any resident of Hackettstown, Independence, Liberty or Allamuchy Townships may attend general meetings of the Club, but must be a member to express opinions at those meetings. If any vendor, supplier, or other enterprise doing business with the Club falls into arrears with the Club, then no business shall be conducted between the authority and the Club until all debts are settled, and confirmed by the Board of Directors. All suspended parties have the right to appeal by sending their request for such appeal in writing to the Club Secretary. The appeal will be brought to the Board of Directors for review and a decision will be rendered at the next scheduled general meeting.

  3. Directors become voting members of the Club upon installation and remain voting members during their term, unless removed from their position in accordance with these Constitution & By-Laws.

Article IV: Board of Directors & Voting Procedures

  1. The Government of the TJLC shall be vested in a Board of Directors, subject to the will of the Club membership. The Directors shall be elected in the manner prescribed in these By-Laws.

  2. The Board of Directors must consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. When possible, the Board may be increased to include and Administrative Assistant to the President and a minimum of one (1) and maximum of (3) General Trustees per division as organizational growth dictates. Any adjustments to the size and scope of the board cannot be made at any time during the year. In order to redefine the board, a special meeting must be called to order, of the current sitting board members no more than 60 days & no less than 30 days prior to the annual meeting in June. The current sitting board members will determine the positions to be posted and filled for nomination for the following year.

  3. Each individual director shall have only one (1) vote, regardless of the number of positions held. The President can only cast a vote to create or prevent a tie.

  4. Every act and/or decision made by a majority of the directors present at a general meeting duly held, at which a quorum is present, is the act of the Board of Directors, unless the by-laws require a greater percentage or different voting rules for approval of a matter by the Board (i.e. capital expenditures). In the event that a director is unable to attend a voting meeting, they may sign a proxy vote to another director. This proxy vote must be in written form. However, the proxy vote may not count as a member present for purposes of a quorum. The proxy vote is for the sole purpose of an absentee vote.


5. The Directors shall be of the age of majority in the State of New Jersey, and the Directors shall serve without compensation. No Director will be personally liable for the debts, liabilities, or other obligations of the Club. Additionally, the Club, to the fullest extent permissible shall indemnify the directors of the Club under the laws of the State of New Jersey. Except as may be otherwise provided under provisions of law, the Board of Directors may adopt a resolution authorizing the purchase and maintenance of insurance on behalf of any agent of the Club against liabilities asserted against or incurred by the agent in such capacity or arising out of the agent’s status, whether or not the corporation would have the power to indemnify the agent against such liability under these by-laws. Term of office shall be as follows:

- The President, Vice President, a Treasurer, Secretary.

  1. The activities of the Club shall be conducted, and all corporate powers shall be exercised by, or under the direction of, the Board of Directors. It shall be the duty of the Directors to:

    • -  Perform any and all duties imposed on them collectively or individually by law, by the Articles of Incorporation, or by these By-Laws.

    • -  Appoint and remove, employ or discharge, and except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws, prescribe the duties of all officers and

      members of the Club.

    • -  Supervise all officers and members of the corporation to assure that

      their duties are performed properly.

    • -  Meet at such times and places as required by these By-Laws.

    • -  Register their addresses with the Club Secretary. Notices of

      meetings may be mailed, faxed, or electronically sent to them at such addresses, and shall be considered valid notification.

  2. The functions of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be generalized by these By-Laws:

    • -  The President is responsible for managing the Club within the stated by- laws and the operating philosophies of the Club and its affiliations. The President shall preside over all Club meetings and oversee the orderly handling of Club business, the President may create an Administrative Assistant to the President position if so desired. The President is responsible for insuring that the decisions of the Board of Directors are executed. The President is responsible to act as a representative of the Club in all dealings with the township and affiliations. The President, along with the Board of Directors shall review the Club’s financial records on a monthly basis to validate the financial reports prepared by the Treasurer. The President is responsible for supervising the creation of all Club budgets and philosophies.

    • -  The Vice President oversees the program to ensure the operating philosophies of the Club and its affiliations are being properly executed.

Vice President is responsible for submitting budgetary and operational needs for the program to the Treasurer and Club Secretary, as well as reporting on the remaining directors the status of their respective programs from an operational and instructional standpoint. Vice President supervises the coaching personnel that are appointed to instruct their programs participants. The Vice President is responsible to schedule practices, scrimmages, and games for their respective programs. The Vice President is the primary contacts for the league. The Vice President must attend or delegate a member to attend league meetings to ensure the Club remains in good standing and well informed. The Vice President is also responsible to schedule and confirm practice and game times, dates and locations with the township (in order to provide adequate field usage for all teams), as well as confirmation of referees for scheduled regular season home games. The Vice President is responsible to forward copies of any and all correspondence to the Club Secretary for filing and reference.

  • -  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial viability of the Club. This includes the management of all revenue and expense related items related to the Club and managing to the approved fiscal budget. The Treasurer is responsible for developing the Club’s operating budget, and to present this budget to the Board of Directors by the September general meeting. The Treasurer is also responsible for timely booking and disbursement of Club funds and executing the approved financial accounting procedures, which will include revenues, expenses, assets, and liabilities, as well as identifying Club revenue streams. The Treasurer administers all insurance, affiliations, and term contracts for which the Club is liable. The Treasurer is responsible for the administration and filing of all Club financial documents that the Club is required to register with the County, State, and Federal Government. The Treasurer is responsible to report the financial state of the Club on a monthly basis to the President and Quarterly to the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall institute any budget related sub- committee activities as required and the Treasurer shall maintain all Club records for a period of no less than seven (7) years.

  • -  The Secretary shall record and distribute the minutes of all meetings. The Secretary shall disseminate in a timely manner all committee and Board decisions and/or information pertinent to future committee and Board actions (i.e. special meetings, pending votes, etc.) to all committee and Board members, as well as the general membership if warranted. The Secretary shall be responsible to retain all files and Club records for a minimum of seven (7) years. The Secretary shall also be responsible to maintain the mailing address at the Flanders Post Office for their respective divisions, or any other location decided upon by the Board of Directors. The Secretary is responsible for collecting and distributing Club mail and correspondence to the appropriate parties. The Secretary is the contact for the Club regarding all incoming and outgoing correspondence. The Secretary may also assist in the administration of the voting process in all elections.

8. In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, a new director shall be appointed by approval of the remaining Board of Directors to complete the term of the vacated position. Any director may resign effective upon giving written notice to the remaining directors, unless the notice specifies a later time for effectiveness of such resignation. Any such resignation shall take place at the date of receipt of such notice or at any later date specified therein. The acceptance of such resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective. Directions may be removed from office, with or without cause, at any time, by the Board of Directors, as permitted by, and in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey. All finished and unfinished projects including minutes and receipts are required to be handed over to the incoming officer by the outgoing officer or will suffer sanctions imposed by the Board of Directors.

Article V: Administrative Policy

  1. A majority vote of the divisional Board of Directors must approve any and all purchases by the Club up to $ 1,000.00, purchases over $ 1,000.00 must be made know to both divisions Board of Directors at the closest available Quarterly meeting. It is not the intent to of this rule to inhibit purchase of equipment as there will be times when purchase sales are limited in time. The respective V.P. making the same purchase must inform all Board members through an e-mail sent from their Secretary and show the constraints of the sale. The divisional Treasurer must also confirm that the aforementioned purchase will not impact adversely the budget of the division.

  2. The Club name, logo, letterhead or any other official documentation provided by the TJLC cannot be used by anyone without permission of the Board of Directors, and then only for the use of exclusive Club sponsored activities.

  3. All Board members and coaches must be official members of US Lacrosse and must be certified by either the National Youth Sports Coaches Association, the Rutgers Certification Clinic, or possess an equivalent certification that is accepted by the Township in which they reside.

  4. The Board member in charge of fundraising activities must first bring those ideas to the attention of the Divisional Board of Directors for approval after which shall be made known to entire Board of Directors at next Club meeting. The Board of Directors must approve all fundraising activities in advance. All fundraising monies collected by either program (Boys & Girls) will go into their general account unless they are earned together then they will be split 50/50 unless agreed upon prior to the event to be split at another percentage split. All fundraising monies will be utilized to cover operational costs for the Club. The President will keep detailed records of both programs budgets (income and expenditures) and will disclose a fiscal breakdown at the Annual Meeting for review by the general membership. Any donation made for specific purchases, at the request of the donor, must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, before said donation can be accepted on behalf of the Club. Any monies obtained from the Town or Endowed from any other organization or gift will be split on a per child registered percentage share, unless otherwise earmarked as such.


5. The TJLC official program colors are orange, black, and white. Any addition of colors to uniforms, merchandise, logos, and/or signage must be approved by a majority vote of the board of directors, for the specific item in question. Colors may not be added nor deleted without prior approval from the entire Board of Directors.

Article VI: Coaching

  1. To be a head coach on any level within the Club, one must be TJLC member in good standing with the Club.

  2. Any candidate that expresses interest in a vacancy cannot be denied an opportunity to apply. Preference shall be given to those individuals with the most years served to the Club, or the most game experience (as determined by the board), but will not be a guarantee to fill the vacancy.

  3. The Board of Directors will review the candidates as part of the selection process. The Board of Directors will then determine, by a majority vote, the selection of the head coach for the vacant position(s). The Board of Directors has the authority to recommend the positioning of all coaches, including assistant coaches, for the benefit of the Club and its participants.

  4. No coach is guaranteed to head coach a specific team. The Divisional Vice President will assign all head coaches on an annual basis. If it is deemed by the Divisional Vice President that a coaching applicant would be better suited on a level other than what the candidate has previously coached or is currently applying for, the candidate will be offered an opportunity to accept or reject the recommendation set forth by the Vice Presidents.

  5. Head coaches may select their assistant coaches, subject to approval by the Board of Directors, and in accordance to these By-Laws. All coaches must be members of US Lacrosse and certified by either the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA), the Rutgers Certification Clinic, or possess an equivalent that is accepted by the Township in which they reside before they will be considered.

  6. If the current head coach resigns or cannot fulfill his or her duties, the replacement of that head coach will be determined by the Board of Directors, on an interim basis. The individual appointed will carry out the duties of the head coach for the duration of the season. The position will then be considered vacant.

  7. The head coach of each team shall have the right to recommend the dismissal of an assistant coach, from his or her team, subject to review and approval of the Board of Directors. All matters pertaining to disciplinary action regarding coaching will be forwarded to the Board of Directors by the Vice President of that respective program.

  8. A Board Member of the program has the right to recommend the dismissal of a head coach, based on failure of that individual to conform to the philosophies established by the Club, and agreed to by the Board of Directors. Failure to


attend general meetings and training clinics are among the reasons for recommending the removal of a head coach. The Board of Directors must approve a head coaching change, recommended by a TJLC Board Member, with a majority vote.

Article VII: Registrations

  1. Registration fees are at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Fees will be determined for the following year at the Annual Meeting in June. The Treasurer will justify any increases through costs incurred by the Club by submitting an annual income and expenditure budget at the Annual Meeting for review by the general membership.

  2. No registration fees will be refunded after the fees have been deposited except: 1. at the discretion of the Board of directors. 2. Voted on by the Board of Directors. 3. Subject to the validity of the nature 4. Including but not limited to injury or medical condition.

  3. Registration is open to out of town residents, from towns that do not offer youth lacrosse programs as per US lacrosse sanctioning body rules. Any Hackettstown, Independence, Liberty or Allamuchy resident that wishes to participate in the program will be given first priority in terms of roster placement under open registration guidelines after returning players have been accounted for on a 1st come 1st serve basis. All out of town registrants will be on a first come, first serve basis, as rosters dictate. Returning non-resident players shall be accorded special consideration in an efforts to register said player.

  4. Registrants must follow current rules of eligibility as defined by the North Jersey Junior Lacrosse League and Jersey Girl Lacrosse Association.

Article VIII: Awards

  1. All players are eligible to receive a participation trophy, provided funds are available. A committee shall be formed from both divisions to determine the trophies to be awarded which shall be as similar as possible as well as any special recognition to be directed to a single member or a small group of the TJLC membership.

  2. In order to be eligible for a participation trophy, a player must not have been expelled from the team for disciplinary reasons, quit the team without approval of the head coach, and has attended at least 50% of the regular season games.

Article IX: Equipment & Uniforms

1. Once equipment and uniforms have been distributed, they become the sole responsibility of the player, his or her parents and/or guardians. Any loss or damage to said equipment will result in a monetary fine to the player, his or her parents and/or guardians to cover costs for repair and/or replacement. At no

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time are players allowed to retain club equipment or allowed to purchase same unless sold at a close-out sale.

  1. Club equipment and uniforms are only to be worn for practices, scrimmages, and games sponsored by the Tiger Jr. Lacrosse Club. Game jerseys may be worn to school on the Friday, prior to any scheduled regular season game or at any Club sponsored event, with approval of the Board of Directors.

  2. All equipment and uniforms must be returned to the Club in good, clean condition on the designated day. Any late returns can only be made by approval of the Equipment Manager and/or the Board of Directors. If equipment is not returned on the designated day without late approval by the Equipment Manager and/or the Board of Directors, or is lost, damaged or in poor condition, the player will forfeit any awards to which he or she may have been entitled.

  3. Players shall not be permitted to participate in practices, scrimmages, and games unless they are properly attired as defined by the coaches and Board as per League, Sanctioning body rules, Township guidelines, and safety constraints mandates.

  4. All coaches and Club members must return any and all Club equipment to the Equipment Manager on or before July 1st of the current calendar year. Any loss or damage to said equipment could result in a monetary fine to the coach and/ or member, in order to cover costs for repair and/or replacement.

Article X: Smoking

1. All fields and facilities are tobacco-free facilities. Smoking is strictly prohibited. At municipal fields, smoking is only allowed in the parking areas. At school facilities, even smoking in the parking lots is prohibited. Please be courteous and concerned about the needs of your fellow volunteers, players, spectators, and modeling appropriate healthy behavior for our youth. Volunteers shall not use tobacco products while in direct public contact of the players, or in situations where fellow volunteers may find it offensive.

Article XI: Amendments

1. This Constitution & By-Laws, or any part thereof, may be amended or appealed. Any voting member of the Club, in good standing, can propose an amendment change, but only those eligible to vote can vote on said proposals. Any amendment or repeal shall be brought to the Club Secretary and will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for consideration. The Board of Directors shall present the proposed amendment or repeal with a recommendation for action by the Club. The process is as follows:

- By-Law amendment(s) proposals must be presented in writing to the Club Secretaries, who will call a meeting of the Board of Directors to review and recommend action to the proposed change. The first reading of the proposed change will be brought up to the membership at the next scheduled general meeting, where it will be openly discussed and modified if necessary. A second reading will then take place at the following general meeting. It will be acted upon with a motion and a

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formal vote. No modifications can be made at the second meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of those in attendance, who are eligible to vote, in favor of the proposal, is required for passing. Any proposal that does not achieve the necessary two-thirds (2/3) votes for passage will be rejected.

Article XII: Rules & Philosophy

  1. All rules pertaining to qualification for participation within the TJLC will be stated in the Constitution & By-Laws of the New Jersey Jr. Lacrosse League (NJJLL) and Jersey Girl Lacrosse Association (JGLA). Any rules and regulations provided by US Lacrosse, and specified training documents provided by the NYSCA and/or the PCA must be first approved for adoption by the Board of Directors, provided they are beneficial to the needs of the Club and its participants.

  2. A separate document regarding Club philosophy, coaching and player training and instructional methods, codes of conduct, coaching criteria, general behavioral rules, disciplinary actions and procedures, and program goals will be modified and adopted annually by the reigning Board of Directors, in order to keep current with the direction of the Club and its affiliations. A TJLC Board Member will be responsible for the creation and distribution of said document(s), with input and approval of the remaining Board of Directors.

    • -  In the event a player is ejected from a game for any reason that player will leave the field and will not be permitted to attend the following game.

    • -  In the event a coach is ejected from a game for any reason, that coach will leave the field immediately and will not be permitted to coach his/ her next game.

    • -  In the event a parent, guardian, family member or fan of TJLC is ejected from a game they will leave the field immediately and will not be permitted to attend the following game for that level of play.

    • -  In the event any of the above mentioned are ejected for a second offense they will not be permitted back for the remainder of the current season.

    • -  In the event any of the above mentioned are ejected for a third offense during their membership with TJLC they will be permanently terminated.

    • -  All of the above are entitled to an appeal heard by the TJLC board members

  3. A selection committee including coaches will determine the candidate for the annual All-Star games. The NJJLL/NGLL All –Star games entitle TJLC players to be selected from their respective programs. The All-State selection entitles two (2) players to be sent to the All-State tryout for assessment. The selection committee will meet to discuss the candidates and their input regarding their selection. Criteria will include the following items but not limited to: 1. Exhibited unselfish leadership qualities, 2. an enthusiastic commitment to excellence for the team, for individuals, and for TJLC programs 3. Involvement in the sport beyond the TJLC season, including growth in knowledge and comprehension in the sport 4. a consistent attendance during the season.



Article XIII: Dissolution


1. This Club may be dissolved, first, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors, where all directors are all in attendance, and then approved by two- thirds (2/3) majority of the voting membership in attendance in person or by proxy. Upon dissolution, all Club debts shall be liquidated and any remaining monies, if any, shall be equally distributed to the Townships of Hackettstown, I ndependence, Liberty and Allamuchy Recreation Department for a public purpose. Such distribution shall be made in accordance with all applicable provisions of the laws of the State of New Jersey.

XIV: Invalidity

The invalidity of any part of this Constitution & By-Laws shall not impair or affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions of this document.

XV: Player per team EachBoys’teamshallnotregistermorethan25playersperteamasdefinedby NJGLL, NJJLC, and US Lacrosse rules. The TJLC reserves the right to close any aforementioned team at any time whereas the quality of provided services cannot be assured or when the above mentioned size limitations have been met. Any team closures will be made aware of to the entire board membership at the time of closure by the President or the respective divisional V.P.

Any player registered after Jan. 1 (or when the Divisional Board has deemed open registration closed) will only be admitted on as needed basis.

Teams are encouraged to maintain 18 players and may create incentive for teams who do.

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