Posted by Mike George on Feb 15 2018 at 04:00PM PST

Summer Camp Schedule


Camps at Chatfield Sr High 

Every Summer kids travel all across the county to find clinicians and camps to add to there to their skill sets before the season begins.  Camps play a vital role in each wrestlers development as wrestlers  evaluate themselves, correct positions that plagued them, or focus on stregths to become more dominant.   To help our families with finding what camps to go to, and alliviate part of the cost, we have brought 2 of the very best camps available, right to Chatfield.  Make sure you take advantage of this oppotunity. 

Cliff Fretwell Jan. 7th-8th 2109 Flyer: Focus: Scramble Positions.  For Advanced Youth & High School Wrestlers. Cliff is very high energy and we have asked to focus on Hand Fighting so we can continue adding to our kids attacks and dominate on their feet.  Flyer Register Here

Purler 5 Day Intensive Drilling Camp July 2019 See Puler Camp Page For Inter/Advanced Youth & High School Wrestlers. This is our 3rd year having this Camp, and it sold out with over 60 kids last year. Flyer   Register Here

Skills & Drills: Beginner & Inetermidiate Camp June 2019

Many of the camps brought in are catered to Intermidiate & Advanced wrestlers, leaving a large part of our kids out.  This year we will be holding in a Beginner & Intermidate Camp that will focus on teaching techniques, drilling them and most importanly instilling a love for the sport while doing it. Flyer  Register Here





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