Bones take Grey Wolves

Posted by Erich Herbert on May 30 2015 at 05:00PM PDT

On a warm Saturday afternoon (5/31/15), a revitialized Bones team took to the field to take on the Grey Wolves.


It was a fantastic game. The Bones shook off the rust and came out strong to take an early lead. Despite the wolves battling back late to tie up the game; the Bones pulled out a 5-4 win.


The game was punctuated by solid possession by the attack, great transition play by middies and up tempto high pressure defense. Everyone swarmed and controlled ground balls. Middies and attacks created offensive zone turn-overs. Great passing and motion shredded the wolf pack defense.


A great new addition, Coach Todd, kept the Bones fresh  and focused through-out the game.


Post game adult beverages and laughs, punctuated the win !


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