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Revised By-Laws & Constitution


Glenwood Springs Basketball Officials Association

Area 14

Article 1 – Membership

SECTION 1. REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIPS – Membership in this Association is acquired through becoming a member in good standing which includes the following:

  1. Meet the requirements through testing by State and National Officials Organizations. Complete the written application, pay the fee and take the written examination.
  2. Meet the requirements for Approved (Registered) membership or the requirements for Provisional membership.
  3. Pay the required local association dues.
  4. Attend the required number of association meetings.
  5. A provisional official is one who obtains a grade between 64% and 84% inclusive on the State test.

SECTION 2. TERM OF MEMBERSHIP – Subsequently, and as long as such member shall remain in good standing, he\she shall be entitled to rights and privileges of membership and shall be bound by the rules and regulations expressed in the CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS.

SECTION 3. LAPSED MEMBERSHIP – A member who has allowed his membership to lapse for two or more years shall no longer be considered a member of the association, and to be reinstated must follow the same procedures as any new applicant. If membership has lapsed for less than two years, he\she may reinstate themselves by paying his delinquent dues.

SECTION 4. EXAMINATION – Every registered active member shall take an examination each year as prescribed by the State. All new applicants and previous provisional officials shall take a National test at the beginning of each year as supplied by the State.

Article 2 – Meetings

SECTION 1. REGULAR MEETINGS – Each member shall attend at least 3/4 of the regularly scheduled meetings. Each member shall also be required to have attended 50% of the scheduled meetings at the time of contract assignments in order to be eligible to accept said contracts. Absentees from meetings must be granted special permission from the President. These requirements are part of the definition ‘In good standing’, referred to elsewhere in the BY-LAWS and CONSTITUTION. Meetings will be scheduled by the President and/or Executive Board and will be voted on by membership at the first scheduled regular meeting. SECTION 2. ORDER OF BUSINESS – The order of business and the agenda for regular meetings shall be prepared by the Secretary-Treasurer following consultation with the President. Members shall be notified, in advance, of such meeting and their agendas, preferably by mail or telephone.

SECTION 3. MEETING AGENDA – Every regular scheduled meeting shall have at its core for the agenda, an element of training. This training element must be a priority and should be well planned and organized. The trainer shall use the National Federation rules as the frame of reference for all training aspects of the curriculum. Items on the agenda that are not related to training shall be of less membership. The purpose for this protocol is to stream line the focus and efficiency of the meeting, and to emphasize the importance of the meeting attendance, because of the critical element of training which is involved.

SECTION 4. TRAINERS – The trainer for each regular meeting shall be approved by the President, his designee, or the voting membership. Not to exclude any means by which the principles of this organization can be taught. For example: An area coach, an area player, a video tape, an area Athletic Director, the officials in the organization, an official from the State Board or another District or State, etc…

SECTION 5. CURRICULUM – The President, his designee or the voting membership, shall approve all training curriculum prior to each regular meeting.

Article 3 – Contracts and Play-off Games

To receive a contract to work games, an official must be a member in good standing. He\She must regard the contract they have signed with honor and must live up to their obligation. To qualify for a post season play-off game they must be an approved registered official in good standing.

Article 4 – Discipline of Members

For failure to comply with established authority or regulations as set forth in the CONSTITUTION or BY-LAWS; for failure to honor contracts; for conduct or behavior of an unethical nature as established by State and National Officials Association; or any other conduct conclusively established to be contrary to the best interests of ATHLETICS, a member may be placed on probation or suspended for not more than one year or may be expelled and/or fined, all action is the result of a 2/3 vote of the membership. A member charged with any offense shall have the right to be heard in person in his own defense. When a member is suspended or expelled, the Executive Board shall notify all concerned that such member is no longer able to accept assignments or officiate as a member of this association. No member shall officiate knowingly with a suspended or expelled member.

Article 5 – Dues and Assessments

The association dues shall be determined at the last regular meeting of the Glenwood Springs Basketball Officials Association and will be in effect for the next school year (season). ($20.00 as of November 1, 2010)

Article 6 – Rules of Procedure

SECTION 1. QUORUM – Quorums for the transaction of business shall be 1/2 of the total membership.

SECTION 2. EXPENSES – Approved expenses, by the membership of officers who have been duly authorized to attend meetings at the State level, shall be paid from the treasury at a rate per mile, one way, as determined annually by the membership, and in addition, be allowed other expenses as determined by the association. Capital expenditures in excess of $25.00 must be granted by authority of the members.

Article 7 – Officiating Privileges and Responsibilities

SECTION 1. TYPES OF GAMES – Members may officiate at any level of athletics they choose.

SECTION 2. WEARING OFFICIAL UNIFORM – While officiating games which come under the jurisdiction of the Colorado High School Activities Association, members shall wear the official uniform of the State Officials Association.

SECTION 3. DRESS CODE – A member shall be neatly groomed. Members shall meet the requirements of the State Officials Association.

Article 8 – Assigning

If the Assignor is a designated member of the association, the schedule will be provided to the Executive Board at least 2 days prior to the date it is due for review by the Board.

Article 9 – Late\No Show\No Call Policy


A) 1
st Offense:
    1. Loss of game fee
B) 2nd Offense:
    1. Loss of games for 2 weeks
    2. C) 3rd Offense:
    3. Possible season suspension

    A) 1
ST Offense:
    1. Possible loss of games for 1 month
    2. B) 2nd Offense:

    3. Possible loss of games for season
    4. C) 3

      rd Offense:
    5. Possible expulsion from Association
  2. *All decisions will be made by the Executive Board after meeting with the official and discussing the circumstances for the No Show or Late Show. All decisions are final.

Article 10 – Turn Back Policy

If an official chooses to turn back a scheduled game within 48 hours prior to that game’s

scheduled start time. The official will be assessed a $10 re-schedule fee which will be paid directly to the Association.

Article 11 – Final Interpretation

Between meetings of the association, the Executive Board shall have the authority to make interpretation of items in these BY-LAWS.

Article 12 – Amendments

These BY-LAWS may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the members of the association at any regular meeting provided such proposed amendments are presented


Glenwood Springs Basketball Officials Association

Area 14

Article 1 – Name


Article 2 – Purpose

  1. To promote the welfare of the game of basketball, it’s players, coaches and officials.
  2. To maintain the highest standard of officiating.
  3. To encourage the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.
  4. To have available at all times, an adequate number of thoroughly trained and capable officials.
  5. To cooperate with all institutions officially connected with athletics in the schools and in furthering their interests and ideals.

Article 3 – Membership

SECTION 1: This association shall be composed of all duly qualified, regularly and provisionally approved members currently in good standing with State and National officials organizations, including the Colorado High School Activities Association.

SECTION 2: All active and provisional members shall be required to attend the prescribed number of meetings as set forth in the by-laws.

SECTION 3: Members shall be required to pay all dues, fines and assessments due their association by designated dates.

SECTION 4: Members shall comply with requirements of this CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS.

SECTION 5: Members shall wear the official uniform, officiate with other members of the association, and shall receive such other benefits as set down in the by-laws.

Article 4 – Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be composed of the officers of the sports season and the immediate past President. A quorum shall consist of three members.

Article 5 – Duties of Officers

SECTION 1. DUTIES OF PRESIDENT – He\She shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board, and shall appoint all committees and supervise the activity thereof. The chairman of such committees shall be members in good standing of the association. He\She shall carry out all duties delegated him by State and National Official Associations including the Colorado High School Activities Association. He\She shall set dates for tests and study sessions and shall cause the news media to be informed of such dates. He\She shall attend all Master Rules Clinics and meetings as required of him by the State. He\She shall, with the assistance of the Executive Board, set up local rules clinics for officials, coaches and players.


SECTION 2. DUTIES OF PRESIDENT ELECT – In cases of absence or disqualification, the President Elect shall assume the responsibilities of the President. He\She shall serve on the Executive Board and carry out all duties delegated to them by the President.



  1. He\She shall keep an accurate and complete record of all monies received and disbursed and he\she shall disburse al monies under the direction of the membership. He\She shall submit a written financial statement at the last regularly scheduled meeting each year\season.
  2. He\She shall keep complete and accurate records of the membership and shall see that all correspondence is prompt and dependable.
  3. He\She may, with the permission of the President, utilize the services of such additional help as may be needed to meet the responsibilities of the office.


SECTION 4. IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT – He\She shall serve on the Executive Board and be a voting member and serve as an advisor to the President.


SECTION 5. FIFTH EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER – Shall sit as a member of the Executive Board. He\She shall also be responsible for assisting the President in all aspects of training of new recruits and current local membership. He\She shall be appointed to office by the Executive Board and approved by a 2/3 vote of the membership.


Article 6 – Interpretation

Between meetings of the association, the Executive Committee shall have the authority to make interpretations of items in this CONSTITUTION. Capital expenditures of an amount set forth in the BY-LAWS shall not be made without approval of the members.

Article 7 – Amendments

Amendments to the CONSTITUTION may be made by a 2/3 vote of the membership. Such proposed amendments are to be presented to the members in writing at least one week prior to the time a vote is taken