Posted by Mark Phillips on Feb 08 2016 at 04:00PM PST
 Josh Grizzard, Alumnus & Graduate Assistant Coach at Duke University
Some of my best memories from this game came from competing on Thompson Field as a Wendell Ram. It was an honor to play for a team that truly represented our great community. The coaches taught values such as toughness, accountability and hard work, which are all found at the root of the sport. There is nothing like representing our community in a win vs a nearby rival town. I couldn’t be more proud to be a Wendell Ram.
Marcell Johnson, Alumnus & James Madison University Football Player
As a little boy going from school to school and house to house I was in search for something consistent in my life. Something to love, to hold on to, something to call mine! When I was 7 we moved to Wendell where I atended Carver Elementary. I was introduced to football at recess and was convinced to try out for the local team. So at the age of 7 is when I fell in love with the game of football. Playing RB and DE for all three teams was a great expierence. We went from losing in the first round my first three years to actually winning the super bowl at home 39-40 to remain undefeated while defeating an undefeated Fuquay Varina team for the Super Bowl game. After leaving the Rams I made that my dream. I want to be the greatest to ever do it. I want to make it to the league and say I have no regrets. The Rams helped me see what life is with and without football, and by playing football I can say my life with football is a lot more complete! I think football is arguably the best game ever played, but playing for the Rams made my life complete. It taught me perseverance, loyalty and competitiveness. The game gave me as passion for everyone who I've ever played with and was coached by and I love every single on of you guys. God Bless!
Quay Johnson, Alumnus & East Carolina University Football Player
I was nine years old when I first started playing football and thank God it was for the Wendell Rams!  Playing on the mighty mites my first year showed that I knew nothing about the game, but staying around the program taught me so much.  I went from not knowing anything my first year to winning the Super Bowl on Peewee's my last year.  Being a Ram has been one of the best experiences of my life.  Joining the program is where I not only learned how to play and love the game of football and how giving up is never an option, but also where I met my life long friends.  It's an honor to have played with the people I called my teamates and coached by some of the best coaches I've ever had.  I'm blessed to say I will forever be a Wendell Ram.  Go Rams!
Sam Landis,  Alumnus & Ravenscroft Football Player
I love the Wendell Rams.  The men that coached me there taught me values that will always stick with me.  More important than being a good football player, those men helped teach me to be a man and how to handle adversity anywhere I go.  I am an all state and state champion player, and I promise you if you put your kids in these gentlemens's hands they will be good football players an winners.  More importantly these men will teach your childern how to be men.  I have accomplished a lot since then, an all state selection, two all conference selections, a state championship, and numerous college offers.  I would gladly have all that go away just to play one more year for Coach Len and Coach Teddy and have the fun  I did as an 11 year old.  I will always cherish those memories and love everyone that's a part of the Ram's organization. 
Jacob Ellington, Alumnus & Army Football Player
Wendell rams taught me to love the game. Quite frankly it has done great things for me. As a young kid/athlete the Wendell coaches really impacted my life in many positive ways and created a drive for me to be the best overall person I can be. Without the program,the game and the staff, I truly believe there would be an essential piece of the puzzle missing in my life. I love the game and it is a special memory that each individual will cherish. The memories and bonds last a life time and I find joy when people talk about the good ole days of Wendell Rams Football. 


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