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 Cheer Registration has begun and will take place every Saturday beginning Saturday December 10th at the Einstein Community Center, 135 Einstein Loop, Co-Op City Bronx, NY.  Times are from 11am - 1pm. Tuesday evenings by appointment. 


You can now register online at

 Our office is located at 135 Einstein Loop, Room 52 (on the lower level), Bronx, NY Co-Op City.

Office hours for December,  and January are Saturdays 1aam-1pm. Other days are available by appointment only.

To make an appointment call 917 855 1672 or email


Program features new Cheer Coaches, Pep Rally, Cheer Competitions locally and on the East Coast .

Practices are Tuesday and Thursday 6-8pm and Saturdays 10am - 1pm. 


We are looking for additional Cheerleading Coaches.

See the Classified section.


We strive to compete for Championships and seek Cheerleaders who are not satisfied Cheering for the Boys but want to win Championships of their own.


See Registration page for more registration information.


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Posted by Ivor Bascom at Feb 25, 2014 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Registration for the 2017 Cheerleading Season has begun.


The Cowboys Cheerleaders are a competitive Cheerleading squad competing in local, regional and national competitions. Our Cheerleaders and our Coaches have won Championships and know what it takes to reach the highest level of Cheer competition. To begin we display commitment, dedication, perseverance, hard work and comraderie to reach the next competitive level.


"We don't just Cheer for the Boys". We compete for our own Championships with our own schedule for competitions. We are committed to being the best Cheer squad in New York City and beyond.


Join us as we prepare for the 2017 Cheer season.


Our Cheerleaders learn dance, step, gymnastics, choreography, cheering and tumbling.

If you have what it takes to compete against the best and to be the best then the Cowboys Cheerleading is for you.


Our Coaches are safety certified by the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors as well as CPR and First Aid certified by the American Red Cross.


Cheerleading Parent Orientation

All Cheer Parents and Guardians must attend a Parent Orientation to learn about the sport of Cheerleading and how it relates to our program and the commitment required from participants and Parents.


Find out about practice schedule for the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, pre season showcases, Cheer competitions, competition travel opportunities, end of season Banquet and Awards ceremony. Find out about the opportunities available to your child upon completing the program.

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2014 Cheerleading Registration

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 Registration will take place on Saturday March 22nd and 29th at the Einstein Community
 Center, 135 Einstein Loop, Co-Op City Bronx, NY 10475

 Registration will be held from 10am - 2pm. See flyer for details.

To Register online follow this link:


To register you will need:                           Copy of Birth Certificate                           Copy of most recent Report Card      (Participants must be committed to maintaining a 75% or better grade  average)                      Two Passport size photos



















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The Cheer coordinator that we seek will develop a competitive Cheerleading program for youth ages 5-14. Oversee the development and training of Cheer Coaches and Cheerleaders. Develop a 10 month plan of development for 2014 to take new Cheerleaders to competition in the Fall and Winter of 2014. Train new coaches to manage a competitive Cheer squad. Oversee the proper training of tumbling, stunting, choreography, dance, etc. Program is geared towards being a year round program for local, regional and national competition. The long term goal is to compete for National Championships in Florida or any other national competition throughout the country. The Cheer Coordinator must be able to work with others, excellent communicator, establish a disciplined development structure for coaches and Cheerleaders, be a problem solver, dispute resolver, mature and have experience coaching a successful Cheer squad for multiple years. Attend league and competition meetings as needed. The chosen candidate must pass a MANDATORY background check. For more information call 917 855 1672 or email



Cheerleading Coaches

Assistant Coaches and Head Coaches

Youth Cheerleading Coaches needed. Teach youth ages 5-14 the skills and fundamentals of Cheerleading. Teach tumbling, stunting, choreography, dance, etc. Prior Cheering or coaching experience preferred. Program runs year round. Flexible evening and Saturday practices. This is a competitive program with opportunity for local, regional and national competition. Coaches must be able to teach beginners and prepare them for competition. All coaches chosen must pass a MANDATORY background check.For more information call 917 855 1672 or email