2010 Begins

Posted by Greg Hopkins on Mar 15 2010 at 05:00PM PDT
On March second, the Sullivan Central Boys Soccer Team played in their first scrimmage against Greenville High School in the freezing cold weather. Even though they lost 3-1, they played their hearts out. Shuler Hopkins was mainly responsible for the team's goal, with help from other players. Sean Behne, the team's keeper, was very proud of the team and their performance. Some notable players during the game were Neyland Hopkins, a tough junior who has been playing soccer since he was very young, and Josh Martin, a freshman who made a statement during his first high school scrimmage. The team played a great game even though they came up short in the end.
    During their second scrimmage on March fourth, the team lost 4-2 to Morristown East. The two goals from our team were scored by Austin Culberson, assisted by Josh Martin, and Zach Shelton, assisted by Neyland Hopkins via precision pass. Coach Bart Burris said that the scrimmages "allowed us to see what we need to work on at practice." He applauded the boys on their effort and skill during the scrimmage.
    For their third scrimmage on March ninth, the boys played very well, but didn't come up with a win. It was their first time playing on Central's home field this season. Shuler Hopkins demonstrated some quick foot skill talents, while Evan Dumke scored the team their goal. At the end of the game, the score was 2-1, a loss to Elizabethton High School. The players were challenged with the condition of the field, that made it hard to pass and play the ball successfully. It was an upsetting loss, because the first goal scored by Elizabethton was only made due to the ball hitting a sprinkler head in the field. The second goal scored by Elizabethton was made only because it ricocheted off of one of the many clumps of torn up grass.
    Playing on a wet field on March eleventh, the Sullivan Central Boys Soccer Team came out with their first scrimmage victory of the season over Daniel Boone High School. The final score was 2-1, with Austin Culberson and Dakota Sillyman both scoring impressive goals. The team walked off the field with a new confident attitude to set the tone for the rest of their 2010 season.
Cliff Ferguson, the head coach of the team, said that he thinks his team "has the personnel to make it to the championships." He was very optimistic for the outcome of this season, and hopes to make the best of it.
"Good Job!", "Recover, Orange!", and "Step to the ball!" were some of the many yells coming from the Stone Castle Stands on March 16th, 2010, at the SCHS Boy's Soccer team played their first game this season. Matched up against Tennessee High, a talented and speedy team in the High School conference, the boys knew what to expect. The team went into the game with a confident, yet slightly pessimistic, attitude towards the outcome of the game. Playing through their nerves, they anticipated the ball, ran to cover opposing players, and made amazing plays as a team. The first goal was scored by Austin Culberson, assisted by Josh Martin. The second goal was scored by Shuler Hopkins with an assist by Neyland Hopkins. Sean Behne displayed incredible talent as Keeper for the entire game. The team didn't falter throughout the whole game. They came out with a win of 2-1 over Tennessee High. It was their first game of the season, and their first of many wins for the season.
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