Posted by dori phillips on Sep 13 2009 at 05:00PM PDT

Kimberly Archie

Founder, Bring it on Safety Alliance, Medford, OR 2005-2008

Founder / CEO, National Cheer Safety Foundation (NCSF), Irvine, CA 2008-present

Partner, National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research Center, UNC-Chapel Hill 2008

Safety/Risk Management Consultant, Scott Hamilton Productions Studio City, CA 2009-present

Expert witness, consultant, and/or paralegal for fourteen cheerleading injury litigation cases in CA, VA, MA, TX, IN, OH & UT.  First cheer safety expert to recognize a national pattern of no emergency plan in place for catastrophic cheerleading injuries along with extensive experience with the media, high profile cases and class actions.

Kim has also had many opportunities with radio and television networks as a featured "expert" guest speaker for cheerleading safety as well as many publications for books, magazines and newspaper articles.

Topic 1: Emergency Plans & Head Injury Prevention

Topic 2:  NCSF  Coaches Education Program with the U.S. Sports Academy



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