Posted by Melvin Gillard on Feb 19 2013 at 04:00PM PST

 Manager's Safety Training Video

(The Managers need to print out the certificate at the end of the Video and Return it to Maria)

How to Keep Score in Baseball and Softball

Pitching Log

Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form

Teaching Fielding Fundamentals

Pitching Techniques    (Good read on how to conduct a good bull pen session)

Advanced Pitching to Increase Speed   (For advanced pitching to increase speed. Good video take the time to watch and learn)

Baseball Drills   (Site with a lot of drills to help you)

Hitting Techniques 

Part 1
Part 2
This is the hitting style that most Major players use. In my opinion the best video on hitting I have ever seen. Take the time to watch both videos and learn this system and your kids will explode at the plate.

Bunting Techniques
The perfect bunting video.
Very great video on proper fielding technique. Notice how the knees are bent .
Great video for understanding the outfield and how to catch a fly ball. Though I prefer to have the kids yell BALL! BALL! BALL!
Great video on basic throwing motion. Also notice how his glove shoulder is pointed toward the target.
Very good video on the grip for throwing a baseball. NOTICE the 4 seam fastball Grip.


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