Prayer and Moment of Silence for SAFD

Posted by Matthew Gonzales on May 19 2017 at 09:16AM PDT

GHLL Family,

As you may know, last night the San Antonio Fire Department responded to a 4-Alarm fire of a commercial structure. One Fire Fighter, Fire Fighter Scott Deem -a 6 year veteran, died in the line of duty while protecting citizens and preserving property for San Antonio. Two other Fire Fighters, who’s names have not been released, were also injured during the fire, and were taken to University and SAMMC in critical condition.

This event strikes close to home, as many members of our organization serve as Fire Fighters, Police, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, and more in our community, and work directly or indirectly with these individuals, also risking their lives to protect the citizens. THANK YOU!

Due to these events, there will be a small pregame ceremony and moment of silence today on the Blue Field prior to the AAA Astros V.S. Yankees game at 6PM. Your are welcome to attend.

Our Prayers are with all of the SAFD members, their families, as well as our GHLL members who have been effected by this tragedy.


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