Tie break and city tournament info

Posted by Doug Blevins on May 14 2017 at 08:06AM PDT

Tie Breaker – When winning % are the same.
1. Head to Head – Which team won the head to head match up/series – First tie breaker in nearly all the major sports
2. Fewest total runs allowed in the Head to Head games (when more than 1 game was played)
3. Fewest runs allowed average runs allowed per game for season (per game as if teams unable to play equal number of games)
4. Most runs scored average per game for season (Again average in case teams play unequal number of games)
5. Coin Flip

Teams standing as of 5/21 will be utilized when determining city tournament eligibility

City tournament information can be found at
City tournament and all star brackets have been posted there as well


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