Game Schedule Remake

Posted by Matthew Gonzales on Feb 15 2017 at 11:24AM PST

Hi Everyone,

As you have seen, your schedule (all or partial), was uploaded onto the GHLL website and your team page. Unfortunately, there have been teams in different divisions that no longer have enough for a team, causing those players to be added to other teams. This occurred prior to the generation of the schedules, but was not updated in the system. Since our fields are shared between divisions, Red, Blue, and MP/CP fields along with some Diamond Spikes fields are primarily effected. If your team has games on these fields, your schedule is most likely changing.

T-ball will also see a small schedule change, possibly a drop in number of games played due to loss of a team.

What does this mean for you and your team?

The current schedules on your page may change, so please do not mark your calendars with date. Because we have less teams, we have more field time which will allow field availability and give us an opportunity to move games from heavily scheduled weeks.

We are working on getting the schedules up soon, and at least the First 2 weeks finalized. As soon as this happens, I will communicate to everyone about the schedule.

Thank you for your understanding.