Posted by Tony Santoro on Feb 08 2017 at 04:00PM PST

1.   Rule 101, Registration Dues
Add to (a) after first sentence in second paragraph: Each Connie Mack Regional Tournament and National
Qualifier will owe an additional $2,800 registration fee (this fee replaces the additional $50 per team

2. Rule 101, Rosters
Change roster limit for Connie Mack and Don Mattingly to 24 and roster limit for Mickey Mantle and Ken
Griffey Jr. to 22.  And, as a result change the number of roster spots that can be changed to 10 in  
Connie Mack and Don Mattingly and 9 in Mickey Mantle and Ken Griffey Jr.

3. Rule 106, Player Eligibility
Change “June 15" to July 1 in (a) and (b).

4. Rule 201(b), Playing Rule
Delete.  Simply go by the Major League Rule.

5. Rule 205, Extra Players for Tournament Play
Delete (a).

6. Rule 211, Tournament Brackets and Byes
All bracket pairings shall be made by the National Office or done at the pre-tournament coaches        

7. Rule 213(a), Qualifying Tournaments
Delete everything after the first sentence and replace with: A team that has won a qualifier (Regional or
National) may not participate in any other AABC Tournament of any kind other than the tournament for
which it qualified.

8.   Rule 213(b), Qualifying Tournaments
Change second sentence to read: Eligible entrants include any team duly registered with the AABC as of
the date of the qualifying tournament.”

9. Rule 213(c), Qualifying Tournaments
Change number of games a player has appeared in from 3 to 1.

10. Rule 213(f), Qualifying Tournaments
Delete. [Odd Ages are all open World Series.]

11. Rule 214(a), Terminated and Suspended Games
Replace “Tournament” in first line with World Series.  Replace “In Regional Tournament Play” in first line
of Note with “Other than in World Series Play”.

12. Rule 215, Tournament Allowances
Delete references to Association and Regional travel allowances
Add to World Series: Regions which fail to register 50 teams for a particular age division or at least
1,000 teams in total may have World Series travel monies reduced or eliminated at the discretion of the
National Office.

13. Rule 216, Host Team
Delete last sentence.

14. Rule 217(b), Game Limit
Change wording to: There may be a time limit for games established for or during Tournament Play
subject to the approval of the National Office.

15. Rule 221(e), Equipment
After “ wood stick may be used.”  No composite bats or bats of multiple woods may be used.

16. Rule 222, Associations Eligible for Tournament Play
Delete last sentence regarding Regions.

17. Stan Musial, Rule 701, Game Length
Change to read: In the Stan Musial World Series, game length shall be seven (7) innings or nine (9) at
the discretion of the tournament sponsor.  Delete the Note.

18. Umpire Dues, Rule 101(b)
Change to $35.00

19. Pitch Smart Guidelines will be used for all Qualifying, Regional and World Series Tournaments.   


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