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Posted by Cliff Lawson at May 4, 2019 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Welcome to Chandler Girls Softball!  
Recreational softball league for ages 4 - 18, with no try-outs & no cuts!
Everybody plays!  We emphasize skill development, fun, family, friendship & fitness!
 We create a positive and encouraging environment for players, fans, coaches and umpires.
"The outcome of the child is more important than the outcome of the game... "

We will no longer be updating this website. Please follow the link below for all league updates. 


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Posted by Bill Watkins at Jul 10, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )



                                         Tips, tricks and things to know from your peers.

 Protest 101: Your complete guide to protesting 

Last season I watched a couple games/plays where the outcome could have been changed by a proper ruling. As a former umpire and now a coach I feel it is vital to pass on the proper way to protest a ruling. The first question is “why protest and why does it matter?”. If a protest will change the outcome of a play it matters. However, I have heard people say the coach is taking a game too serious or they are too intense if they protest a ruling. We are not taking the game to serious we just want to get the call right. The primary goal of any good umpire is to get the call right, they are always unbiased and truly wanting to get the call correct. 

The next question you need to know is “What do I protest?”. Any rule that was improperly interpreted or enforced can be protested. For instance, if an umpire calls a runner out for leaving too early but allows any play to continue this would be incorrect as the rule states this is a dead ball. If you take the same call you may not protest if the runner left early or not as this is the umpires judgment. 

Next, we ask “When do I protest?”. For a proper protest you need to wait for all play to cease and give the umpire time to gather what they saw and make their ruling. Before the next legal pitch, you can ask for an explanation and if you are sure the umpire is incorrect request a board member. Let the umpire know you would like to protest the ruling and what specifically you are protesting. This brings up “who makes the final ruling on a protest?”. The board member or Umpire in Chief will make the final ruling and the umpire/s in your game will never make the final ruling.

I hope this helps clarify the do’s and do not’s of how to properly protest a ruling. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to any board member at the fields. 

Sean Yesenski


 Great Drills from You Tube

Bucket Drill

Fielding Drills

Ultimate Baseball training

 New Coach Handouts and helpful information.

Tips for new coaches

Guide for field reservation 

Insurance Certificates 

Chandler Unified School District

Layton Lakes 

 If you need a certificate for another location, please email the league with the name of the facility, address, city, state and zip code.  Please include the contact person and phone number for the person you are dealing with. 

Chandler Girls Softball is a non profit 501c3 organization.

Our EIN is: 86-0850671                 

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Board of Directors

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 Name Position   Division   Chair 
 Sean Yesenski President  18U  Website, Schedule, Scores, Jerseys 
 Jay Hilton Co-Vice President  12U  Clinics, Player improvement 
Matt Orlando  Co-Vice President   Indurance, Background, Rules 
Diana Colonna   Treasurer  8U  Finances,Vendors 
Andrea Hanson League Secretary 18U  Communications,Social Media 
Jeremy Green Member  10U  Equipment, Awards 
Allison Rasmussen Member   8U  Pictures 
Janie Vallecillo Member  T-ball   
Deb O'Connell   Member  10U  Coach Mentor, Coach Improvement 
Amie Wishart Member  T-ball   
Marai Trask Member  14U  CYSA, Field Improvement 
Jared Kremlacek Member  12U  Sponsors, Marketing 
 Brian Smith  Provisional Member    
Monte Coffman Non-Member    Umpire in Chief 






                                                             Image result for we want you

Would you be interested in helping us grow the league and improve? We are always looking for volunteers who love the game of softball and would like to give back to a great league.  

For More information please contact 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Bill Watkins at Mar 24, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

How do I know who is home and who is visitor? On the schedule visitor is always listed first and home is listed second. However, we will be doing a coin toss for pool and tournament games.

How many players can a head coach bring in with him or her at next season's registration? Maximum 4 players. Only 2 of the 4 can be pitchers or catchers (so 2 pitchers or 2 catchers or "1 pitcher and 1 catcher"). Coaches who do not bring pitchers and catchers will be able to secure them through the pitcher-catcher draft process or random league draw. All other players on each team are assigned by random league draw, taking into account city residency requirements, age, experience, draft picks and girls who are linked together by parents at registration.

 Sponsor Placement Privilege: A team sponsor may place a girl on a team with a specific coach in addition to the maximum 4 that the coach brings in. The girl may not be a pitcher or catcher. The sponsor (not the coach) must request that the girl be assigned to the coach's team.

How many players can be linked together on the same team by parents? Maximum 4 players can be placed on the same team by parents at walk-in or mail-in registration. The registration forms must be submitted together showing the linkage on each form. 

Can Parents request a specific coach for their daughter? No. Coach requests are not allowed. CGS has many excellent volunteer coaches in each division and girls will be assigned to a team & coach according to league rules.

My daughter left her _______, do you have a lost and found? Yes, If something is lost or missing please contact a board member under the armada and they can check our lost and found shelves. 

What equipment does my daughter need to get started? Each player will need a helmet(with chinstrap), Bat and glove. Coaches bags are supplied with bats that can be borrowed as well.  

 How do I know which division I should place my daughter in? Place your daughter in the division that matches her age at January 1st. For instance on January 1st she is 8 she would be in 8U.


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Picture Schedule

Posted by Bill Watkins at Mar 16, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

  Chandler Girls Softball - Saturday, September 8, 2018
1 7:00 Go RV Rentals 18U 3 8:00
2 7:05 Chandler Dogs 24/7 18U 6 8:00
3 7:10 Big 5 Sporting Goods 12U 5 8:00
4 7:15 Dick's Sporting Goods 12U 6 8:00
5 7:20 Salem Boys Auto 10U 3 8:00
6 7:20 Snedigar Martial Arts 10U 4 8:00
7 7:30 ALB Piping Products TB 1 8:00
8 7:35 Dick's Sporting Goods TB 2 8:00
9 8:05 Excel Screen Printing TB 3 9:00
10 8:10 R&R Dent Removal TB 4 9:00
11 8:20 Arizona Dental Design 18U 1 9:30
12 8:25 Dick's Sporting Goods 18U 4 9:30
13 8:35 Dick's Sporting Goods 12U 6 9:30
14 8:45 PHX Real Estate Girl LLC 12U 7 9:30
15 8:55 Leicht Visions 10U 1 9:30
16 9:00 ALB Piping Products 10U 2 9:30
17 9:05 Rock Bottom Realty 8U 3 10:00
18 9:10 Roger Pacheco's Landscaping 8U 4 10:00
19 9:55 Wilson - Goodman Law Group 18U 5 11:00
20 10:05 Box Targets 18U 2 11:00
21 10:10 Collins & Co. Construction 12U 1 11:00
22 10:15 FDM Chandler Ice Cream Shop 12U 2 11:00
23 10:20 Dick's Sporting Goods 10U 5 11:00
24 10:25 Spotless Barn 10U 8 11:00
25 10:35 Roofing Southwest 8U 1 11:15
26 10:40 Dick's Sporting Goods 8U 2 11:15
27 11:00 DIDPRINT.COM 14U 3 12:30
28 11:10 Skunk Motorsports 14U 4 12:30
29 11:20 Paul's Ace Hardware 12U 3 12:30
30 11:35 Lahr Electric 12U 4 12:30
31 11:40 Channel Master 10U 7 12:30
32 11:45 Chico's Ball Bonds 10U 6 12:30
33 11:50 SME - USA Inc. 8U 5 12:30
34 11:55 Przewlocki James Investments 8U 8 12:30
35 12:25 Excel Screen Printing 8U 7 1:45
36 12:35 Hayden's Pool Service 8U 6 1:45
37 12:40 Dick's Sporting Goods 14U 1 2:00
38 12:50 Gary's Automotive 14U 2 2:00
39 1:00 Mathnasium of Ocotillo 10U 10 2:00
40 1:10 Lang & Klain, P.C. 10U 9 2:00
41 1:20 One Dog Arizona 8U 10 3:00
42 1:30 John Peterson Custom Home Builder 8U 9 3:00